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Dynarex Cotton Balls

Dynarex is major medical supplier specializing in equipment for dental offices, health facilities, doctor's offices and hospitals. The company makes cotton balls that health practitioners use for a variety of medical and hygienic applications. These medical supplies are soft, rounded wads of cotton or synthetic fiber, including rayon, polyester or polypropylene, that come in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes. This brand offers medium and large nonsterile options made from cotton fiber.

Choose Dynarex Products because They are a Trusted Name in Health-Care Supplies
The company offers hundreds of varied products in the medical and dental fields, with more than 50 years of operational experience. Its corporate commitment to product value, distributional efficiency and customer satisfaction covers a variety of market segments, including sports teams, schools, nursing-home care facilities, doctor's offices, hospitals, veterinaries and emergency management service units. Its products include medical and dental diagnostic equipment, protective wear and instruments for health professionals, at-home and in-facility care products for patients, enteral, dialytic and urological treatment equipment, topical ointments and creams and wound care applications, among many others.

What are the Medical Applications of Dynarex Cotton Balls?
Dentists use them as oral sponges during tooth and gum procedures, or to create a partition of working space between the gumline and cheek. Nurses and doctors use them to clean wounds, to minimize bleeding at injection sites and to apply topical creams and ointments. They are also utilized in the operating room to control internal bleeding. The balls are an essential item wherever a soft, absorbent or cleaning medium is required during health-care procedures.

How Can Dyanrex Cotton Balls be Used for Personal Care at Home?
You can use them to staunch nosebleeds, clean cuts or abrasions, keep ear drops in place or to pad foot blisters when wearing shoes. Hygienic uses include cosmetics removal and skin care applications. They are useful for removing nail polish, or for separating fingers or toes when applying nail polish. Since cotton balls are so soft, they are ideal for cleaning a baby's read end. They're even used at the beauty parlor for separating hair dye caps from the forehead to prevent the transfer of dye.

How are Dynarex Cotton Balls Used in Veterinary Medicine?
Besides similar wound and injection-site applications on animals as on humans, veterinarians use them in ophthalmic examinations for pets. The cotton ball test is one of a series of visual stimuli in which the veterinarian throws the cotton pieces in the pet's field of vision to determine how quickly it follows the movement of the ball and fixates on the ball when it drops.

What Other Applications do Dyanrex Cotton Balls Have?
You'll find some in almost every elementary school for art activities. Kids glue them to their landscape art to depict puffy white clouds or newly fallen snow. Because the balls are so absorbent, people soak them with their favorite scents and place them in refrigerators and purses and around the house to eliminate ambient odors. Others soak them with petroleum jelly to use them as fire starters in indoor fireplaces or outdoor fire rings.
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Dynarex Non-Sterile Dental Cotton Roll, #2 Medium, 2000/Box
Item : 1612179
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  • Size: #2 medium
  • Soft pliable cotton roll minimizes soft tissue trauma
  • 2000/Box
16.99 $16.99
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