End Brushes

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End brushes are the ideal tools for finishing metalworking projects. Choose from a variety of wire configurations, such as crimped wheel and knot hollow, to achieve a perfectly clean and smooth surface. Weiler, Anderson, and other popular manufacturers offer a selection of end brushes to handle any job.

Easy to Use
End brushes are an easy solution for projects with small areas that need heavy-duty finishing. Just attach the right brush to your power drill, drill press, or die grinder to get the job done.

Large Selection
With options that include wire type, head and bristle diameter, and trim length, end brushes are available for every conceivable job. Keep a selection of brushes in your equipment arsenal so that you have what you need to finish any surface.

Flexible Brushing Action
End brushes use flexible wire bristles that adapt to speed and pressure, so brushes can also be used for surfaces that require only a light sweeping action. These finishing tools are versatile enough to handle a range of jobs.

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Add to cart Weiler® Trulock™ 6" Narrow Face Crimped Wire Wheel Brush
Add to cart Weiler® 6" Tampico Wheel Brush
Add to cart Weiler® 4" Crimped Wire Radial Wheel Brush
Add to cart Weiler® 1.375" General-Duty Knot Wire Cup Brush
Add to cart ANDERSON® 1/4 in Stem 0.014 in (Dia) SS Wire SSM30 Crimped Wire Wheel, 3 in (Dia)
Add to cart WEILER Circular Flared End Brush
Add to cart Weiler® Crimped Wire Solid End Brushes, 3/4 in, Stainless Steel, 0.0104 Wire
Add to cart Weiler® 1/4 in Stem 0.006 in (Dia) x 7/8 in (L) SS Wire EBA-21 Crimped Solid End Brush
Add to cart Weiler® 1/4 in Stem 0.014 in (Dia) x 1 in (L) CS Wire EBA-22 Crimped Solid End Brush, 1 in (Dia)
Add to cart Weiler® 1/4 in Stem 0.006 in (Dia) x 1 in (L) SS Wire EBA-22 Crimped Solid End Brush, 1 in (Dia)