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Choose Energizer® batteries for their durability, high energy density, and long-lasting power. This leading battery brand offers a wide selection of primary and secondary cells for different consumer electronics. Its batteries outperform comparable products from other brands and are free of toxic metals like mercury and cadmium. Staples® offers a large inventory of Energizer power cells in different sizes.

Power Everyday Electronics With Single-Use Energizer Batteries
Energizer makes single-use lithium cylindrical batteries.

The brand's lithium cylindrical batteries are available in AA and AAA sizes. Lithium cells are lighter than alkaline ones, last longer, and have higher capacities. These 1.7-volt batteries can replace 1.5-volt alkaline cells in high-drain devices like digital cameras. Energizer lithium batteries can also withstand extreme temperatures. They last up to 20 years in storage and have leak-proof shells.

Use Fewer Batteries by Switching to Rechargeable Energizer Batteries
Energizer offers two lines of rechargeable batteries for frequently used devices that drain power rapidly. Like the brand's primary cell lineup, these secondary batteries are available in AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V sizes. They last up to 5 years and can retain most of their capacities even when left unused for a year. Energizer rechargeable batteries are made of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells. NiMH batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.25 volts and can replace primary alkaline and lithium cells in most devices. Unlike NiCd rechargeable batteries, these do not experience memory effect. Energizer NiMH units can last up to 1,500 recharges so each of them can replace hundreds of disposable batteries.

What Are Photo Lithium Energizer Batteries?
These are batteries designed to improve the performance of digital cameras by providing stable, long-lasting power. All of the batteries in this category use lithium cells. They come in unique sizes and are wider and shorter than an AA battery. Most of them have a nominal voltage of 3 volts. Popular examples of these power cells include CRV3, CR2, and 123 batteries. Besides digital cameras, photo lithium batteries can also power flash units, high-performance flashlights, and night vision goggles.

Are There Coin-Type Energizer Batteries?
Yes. Energizer makes a wide range of coin and button cells. They include zinc-air hearing aid batteries as well as 3-volt lithium and 1.5-volt silver oxide and alkaline coin cells. These are suitable for small low-drain devices like remote controls, digital watches, and calculators.

Do You Need Special Chargers for Rechargeable Energizer Batteries?
No. Any NiMH battery charger can recharge Energizer rechargeable batteries. However, the brand offers a series of smart chargers optimized for its products. These can charge Energizer NiMH cells faster than generic chargers. They also have convenient features like overcharging protection, automatic shut off, an LED charging indicator, and bad battery detection.
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