Esmark Bandages

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6" x 9 ft
Reduce the amount of blood a patient loses during treatment with Esmark bandages. These bandages are available in sizes designed to handle a wide range of wounds. Use them to staunch the flow of blood and keep a patient stable until you can stitch the wound closed or offer other treatment.

Reduce Bleeding
Use Esmark bandages as compression bandages to hold a wound closed on a job site or in an examination room. Esmark bandages reduce the amount of blood expelled by the wound to keep the patient from passing out during treatment. Compression bandages are suitable for use on most areas of the body.

Make Patients Feel Comfortable
Keep patients feeling as calm, relaxed, and comfortable as possible when staunching the flow of blood after injury or during a medical exam. The bandages are lightweight and flexible, and they sport a soft feel that won't rub roughly against the skin. Esmark bandages peel away smoothly after use without causing the patient pain.

Prepare the Skin
Get patients ready for treatment by using a compression bandage first. After stopping the bleeding and cleaning the wound, you can apply foam dressings to absorb any additional blood, to keep the wound sterile, and to reduce the risk of germs or bacteria entering the wound.

Simple to Use
Choose Esmark bandages for their ease of use. Wrap the bandage around a wounded limb to apply as much pressure as needed, and press the bandage together at the end to secure it. The unique design of the bandage keeps it securely closed without the need for tape or pins.

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