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Waterproof Safes & Secure Storage

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Home and office security is a must in order to protect sensitive documents and belongings. Waterproof safes shield valuables from water damage in the event of a flood, leaking roof, or waterlogged basement. Staples® carries a large selection of safes and other devices for secure storage of items.

Choosing Waterproof Safes for Home or Work
A waterproof safe is one of the top ways to protect items from natural disasters and theft. Although it's possible to purchase a safe deposit box at a local bank, a home or office safe keeps belongings close by and is a cost-effective security measure.

Place a fireproof safe under a desk in a retail location to hold change and additional cash for daily business. An office safe can also be used to store employee information. A waterproof safe is designed with a special seal that prevents moisture from getting inside even when it is submerged in water. If a safe is water-resistant, it only protects items for a specific length of time when standing in water. Waterproof safes are often also fire-resistant for added security.

Understanding the Options for Waterproof Safes
Choose between a safe with a combination lock or a digital lock. A digital lock is easier to open, and it can be reprogrammed to a new number within seconds. A dial lock does not need batteries, and it is harder to figure out the combination.

Safes with lids that open on top provide easy access to the contents. Front-opening gun safes are simple to get into if the safe is installed in a wall or on a bookcase. Chests are ideal for holding important papers, and some even have enough room to install a hanging file system. Locker-type safes have space for additional valuables.

What Are Some Items To Store in Waterproof Safes?
Store insurance policies and agent contact information in a safe so they're close at hand in the event of an emergency. Keep passports, birth certificates, and copies of social security information for times you need document numbers. It's useful to keep a list of prescription medications and doctors in case of a medical emergency. Other items to store in a safe may include safe deposit keys, copies of car and house keys, and any information related to major investments.

Where Is the Best Place to Keep a Waterproof Safe?
The best site for a hotel safe depends on what it will be used for. When storing frequently accessed information, place the safe in a convenient location. When used to store jewelry or other valuables and collectibles, place the safe in a closet or basement. Fire-resistant and waterproof portable safes work best when positioned on cement floors or installed in cement walls. Safes that weigh 1,000 pounds or less can be kept on second floors or higher. Those weighing more than 1,000 pounds should go in the basement or on the first floor.

Should a Waterproof Safe Be Bolted Down?
Bolting a safe down is necessary if you want it to be inaccessible to thieves. It also prevents the safe from tipping over and causing injury. If you don't want to bend down to access a bolted safe, install it into a cement wall or on a sturdy shelf. Add a new waterproof safe to your next office supplies order.