First Aid & Wound Care

First-aid care is an important part of having your office prepared for an emergency. With different types of kits, bandages, disinfectants, and tapes available, you can build yourself a nice first-aid collection for your supply closet. This way, you and your coworkers can quickly address anything from a minor paper cut to a larger wound.

Ready for an Emergency
Purchasing first-aid care helps your team get ready for any emergency. When you purchase a kit, you'll have the materials you need to treat an injury or wound without spreading germs or causing an infection.

Compact Kits
Emergency kits come prepackaged with bandages and other medical goods in a small container that fits in your supply closet. You can also keep a kit at your desk or in your vehicle so you're prepared wherever you are.

Take Care of Cuts Quickly
With a first-aid kit in your office, you'll be ready to quickly bandage up a wound and help cut down on the risk of infection. From Band-Aids to first-aid tape, your office will be prepared to quickly bandage up cuts of any kind.