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Pedometers & Fitness Trackers

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Staying healthy is a long-term challenge for anyone, but electronic fitness trackers can help you set and meet wellness goals. These devices include simple pedometers for tracking steps, as well as more complex products that monitor varied activities and details, such as calories burned, running and biking distances or sleep patterns. Staples carries a variety of electronic fitness aids from manufacturers such as Fitbit, Garmin, Sportline and GNC.

Pedometers with Practical Tracking Features
Activity monitors come in a variety of styles, but the most common is the wristband. Almost all these products use an accelerometer to track steps or movement, but advanced models include additional sensors, such as heart rate monitors, gyroscopes and light sensors, to provide additional tracking capabilities, including sleep cycle monitoring and workout record keeping. Some include GPS systems and compasses that map running routes, show your progress along a bike trail or help you explore a new trail in the back country. Built-in LCD screens let users monitor their daily activity level, and touch or tap controls simplify setting changes. Most products also include time, date and alarm features, and a few will tell you it's time to move if you've been inactive for too long.

Smart Fitness Monitoring
Many modern wellness products use Bluetooth to connect to a broad range of cell phones and tablets and come with apps designed to expand their capabilities. While most devices store several days of activity data locally, syncing to a smartphone or tablet enhances this, letting users track progress over months or years. Apps have interactive dashboards with graphs and charts that simplify fitness monitoring, and their workout trackers and food logs provide additional health information. Some apps let you share progress via social media or participate in group challenges with friends or family. Most fitness trackers with Bluetooth capabilities are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

Rugged, Long-Lasting Performance
Since these products are meant to be worn while exercising, they resist sweat and weather, and some devices are safe in the pool or shower. Most models have rugged bands made from silicone or elastomer materials, and watch-style trackers have stainless steel housings and controls. Fitness devices are battery powered. Most use durable coin-style batteries that last for up to a year, but some have rechargeable batteries that provide up to five days of tracking on a single charge.

Add Style to Function
Fitness trackers are slim devices designed for unobtrusiveness and functionality, but some use stylish watch-like designs to hide their practical nature. Decorative bands, sold separately, turn an exercise monitor into an attractive bracelet, and tiny clip-on models are easy to wear out of sight, making them an ideal choice for anyone tracking health goals in an office environment.

Fitness aids such as pedometers and activity monitors offer an easy way to track health goals and monitor exercise sessions. They range from basic models that just count steps to advanced devices that provide detailed workout tracking, sleep monitoring and smartphone app connectivity. Explore the many products available at Staples and find a fitness tracker to match your wellness goals.