Gaming Computer Keyboards

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Gamers spend a lot of time and resources setting up their gaming rigs. It can take months to build a custom tower and pick the perfect monitor, sound system, headphones and microphone, but the keyboard is sometimes an afterthought. Any gamer will testify that efficiency is everything when it comes to slaying the enemy, and the right keyboard minimizes movements and helps serious players level up faster.

Wired or Wireless Gaming Keyboards

Wireless keyboards give you more flexibility when it comes to where you want to sit and relax while you play. Wireless mouse and keyboard combos give you an all-in-one wireless solution so you can play from almost anywhere in the room. If you're running low on battery power, USB connectivity allows you to play plugged in for more versatility.

Work Hard and Play Hard

Mechanical gaming keyboards are designed for aggressive gaming. Protective housing prevents debris and dust from building up so hardware operates at full capacity. These keyboards can also withstand more keystrokes for a longer lifespan, even when you're chasing down an opponent in your favorite FPS game. Resilient springs and reinforced contact points ensure greater accuracy over the long haul for gamers who log a lot of hours on the virtual battlefield. Mechanical keyboards are also typically heavier than standard factory keyboards so they stay put no matter how tough the play. Aluminum frames and reinforced construction makes them even stronger.

Backlit Brilliance

For competition or play in low light conditions, backlit keys help make it easier to see what you're doing. Internal lighting also help editors reduce eyestrain when working a lot of overtime in the editing bay. Programmable options allow users to select from millions of different color options, depending on the model, for variety and excitement while you play.

Customize Your Hotkeys

When it's critical to get to the home screen quickly or pause the game, there isn't always time for multiple key combinations. To address this, look for a gaming keyboard with hot keys. Customize your own shortcut hotkeys for true personalization. Make macro combinations specific to each game; some devices offer the option to send pre-typed messages to the other members of your team when you're competing.

Nothing Jams You Up

Fingers move faster than the brain can think in many circumstances, especially in the middle of a heated battle. If you need a keyboard that won't freeze the game when you tap more than one key at a time, multi-key input features solve this problem. These keyboards let users press several keys at once so characters can run, grab a weapon and make a move simultaneously. If accidental keystrokes sometimes slow you down, look for game switch modes allow you to disable shortcut keys with a single button so your flow is never interrupted.

Multimedia Keys

A gaming keyboard with multimedia keys gives quick access to your computer's other functions. When it's time to enjoy a playlist, mute yourself or skip to the next track, the controls are at at your fingertips. Get instant access to the web with the swipe of a finger when you're watching a gaming tutorial or checking out scores.