Grab Bars

Grab bars are a viable safety measure within homes and care facilities. For the aging, the sick, and the impaired, grab bars serve as a waist- or chest-high tool to assist with balance and stability. Prevent slips and falls, or help users stand, sit, or maneuver between a wheelchair and a commode.

Especially For Bathtubs
Bathtub grab bars mount over the lip of any tub and have a convenient bi-level, adjustable hand grip to help you lower and raise yourself. Quick-stick self-adhesive makes for fast, tool-free installation and keeps the grab bar anchored securely in place over its lifespan.

Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation
No-drill grab bars require no professional installation and won't leave residue or holes in your walls. Available in various lengths, with suction cup or adhesive mounting materials, these are best for individuals who need some assistance with balance in the shower. You can also install these along stairwells or in the kitchen. Increase the range of your grab bar with an angled, rotating suction cup version or a suction cup grab bar swivel adapter.

Supports Your Grip
Textured and knurled grab bars contain a ridged outer layer of latex or vinyl. These non-slip, water-resistant surfaces ensure you get a firm grip, reducing the risk of your hand slipping. A non-slip bath mat further reduces the risk of slipping.

There are latex-free grab bars available for those who have latex allergies. Made of steel, aluminum, or plastic and occurring in lengths of eight inches to three feet, varieties of latex-free grab bars bond to any non-porous surface and include forms suited for bathtub ledges and shower walls. Some are infused with permanent antimicrobial protection.