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Gun Safes

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Browse the wide selection of gun safes available at Staples® to find the right storage unit for your firearms and other prized possessions. These safes secure guns against unauthorized access, accidental access by children, burglars, and damage caused by flood and fire. There are different types of firearm and security safes ranging from small ones for handguns to tall cabinets for rifles.

Consider Capacity and Wall Thickness When Shopping for Gun Safes
Size is an important factor to consider when getting a safe for your guns. You may need to measure the size of your firearms to find a storage unit of the right capacity. Do not simply get a fireproof safe that fits the types and number of guns you have. Look for a larger model with capacity to spare. This will provide room for new firearms if you decide to add to your gun collection. Most people also find firearm safes to be the most secure locations in their homes to keep other valuables besides guns.

Choose a gun chest or cabinet with thick walls. To make it harder for burglars to break in, get a unit with double walls made of heavy-gauge steel. Gauge is a unit for measuring the thicknesses of sheet metals. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel sheet. Look for a waterproof safe made with 10-gauge steel or thicker. Some manufacturers only use heavy-gauge steel for safe doors. Unless you are permanently installing yours inside a wall recess, make sure its sides, bottom, and top also use heavy-gauge steel.

Security Features to Look for in Gun Safes
There are two types of locks for firearm safes: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical options include key and combination locks. A key lock is the least secure. A combination lock is more difficult to defeat. It uses a spinning dial and requires a specific combination to open. There are dual locks that combine key and combination locks. These add a second layer of security and prevent strangers from casually trying different combinations. Electronic locks offer faster access to safes. These have number pads and require specific codes to open. For a more secure entry into your firearm safe, pick a model that combines a keypad with a biometric lock that's programmed for your fingerprint.

Can Multiple Users Open Gun Safes With Biometric Locks?
Yes. You can give multiple users access to a firearm safe secured with a biometric lock by training it to recognize different fingerprints. There is usually a limit to the number of fingerprints you can program into such locks. Make sure to choose a model that can accommodate the number of users you want to have access to the safe.

Are Relockers Essential for Gun Safes?
Yes. A relocker locks down a safe if its sensor detects an attempted break-in. Manufacturers use different relocker systems but they all kick in when someone tries to gain access by drilling safe bolts. Depending on their size, you can find as many as 10 relockers in a firearm safe.

Should You Consider Fire-Resistant Gun Safes?
Yes. Fire is a bigger threat to firearm safes than burglars. To ensure the contents of your safe will survive a typical house fire, look for a model rated to survive temperatures higher than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.