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Hand Soaps & Sanitizers

Over the course of a day, your hands come in contact with hundreds of different surfaces. That's why dirty hands can so easily spread germs to other people and surfaces. Proper and consistent use of hand soap keeps skin healthy and feeling clean.

Improve Health with Hand Soap and Sanitizer Products
Soaps and sanitizers for hands have a place in homes, offices and schools. Soap is the ideal choice after using the restroom or handling hazardous materials. Scrubbing the hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds significantly reduces the amount of microbes on the hands. In addition, many soaps include oils that replenish the skin's moisture. Hand sanitizers are a convenient option when you need to save time or you do not have access to running water. It uses alcohol to kill germs and sanitize skin. Several brands of sanitizer now include moisturizing oils to counteract the drying effects of alcohol.

Hand Soap That Includes Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Options To Stop Germs
With so many soap varieties available, users can compare options and find the type that is suited to a specific industry. Antimicrobial and antibacterial soaps are popular options in a variety of settings. Antibacterial hand soap prevents the growth and spread of bacteria. This option is ideal for home, office and school settings, where antibacterial products are likely to be strong enough to kill bacteria. Antimicrobial soap kills bacteria as well as fungi, viruses and other microbes. This broad range of protection is necessary for healthcare settings that often host super-resistant bacteria.

Different Hand Soap Package Sizes for Different Uses
From homes to huge office buildings, every facility has differing soap needs. Brands offer many packaging options to minimize waste and maximize user convenience. Small bottles often hold between 7.5 ounces and 16 ounces of soap, making them a suitable choice for homes and businesses with few employees. Bulk bottles of soap and sanitizer are more efficient for large businesses and healthcare facilities. Refill packages are designed for use in wall-mounted soap dispensers and standalone soap dispensers. A growing number of brands use environmentally friendly biodegradable and recyclable plastic containers.

Select from a Range of Ingredients and Scents
When choosing hand sanitizer and soap for the home or office, users can tailor their purchases to suit different preferences. Sanitizer comes in different strengths and with various moisturizing options. Soap is produced in foam or liquid form, and each type is designed for specific dispensers. Hypoallergenic soap is free of ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions. This is a valuable feature for businesses with bathrooms that serve a large number of employees and customers.

Unscented soap is often required in healthcare settings, as some scents can trigger allergic reactions. Quite a few have clean, calming scents. Users can choose scents that work with decor themes or to create a specific atmosphere in the restroom. Available scents include lilac, vanilla, orchid, citrus and green tea.

Soap and sanitizer products keep users healthy and germ-free. Browse Staples listings to find sanitizer and soap products for every purpose and environment. Staples also carries a variety of hand lotions to go with your next hand soap purchase.