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Ergodyne N-Ferno 6990 Activated Carbon Hand Warming Packs, 2.17"W x 3.74"D 40/Carton (16990)Ergodyne N-Ferno 6990 Activated Carbon Hand Warming Packs, 2.17"W x 3.74"D 40/Carton (16990)
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Model #16990
  • Self-contained hand warming packs heat up when exposed to air
  • Comes in white color
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Anchor Brand® Standard Hand Protector
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Item #SS1067260
  • Hand Pads & Warmers
  • Height: 7 1/2 in.
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Rechargeable and reusable hand warmers and pads keep hands warm when handling outdoor tasks. They also provide instant heat during cold seasons. The heat pads are lightweight and easy to carry around when traveling. Browse through the workwear and rainwear category available at Staples and choose the hand-warming pads that you prefer.

Hand warmers are long-lasting and instant
Single-hand pads and hand warmers provide instant warmth for about 8 hours. They are ideal for people who work outdoors during cold weather. The pads begin heating instantly after exposure to the air. Compact packs of hand warmers are easy to carry around from one site to another.

Heat pads are reusable and rechargeable
Rechargeable hand warmers are a permanent solution for ensuring hands stay warm. A reusable slim heat pad provides extra warmth and comfort without interfering with tasks. One can charge the warmer up to 500 times to provide prolonged use. The rechargeable hand warmer has an on/off switch to allow adjusting for extra heat. The warmer is ideal for those who work continuously for long hours in areas with cold climates.

Hand pads provide heat protection
Some hand protectors are convenient for use by people in areas with high radiant heat. The protectors keep hands safe from heat during welding jobs. They fit snugly and come in non-asbestos materials. The cool hand protectors provide flexibility and a comfortable fit. This helps wearers carry on with their activities without worrying about being uncomfortable while working.

What are the uses of hand warmers?
Keep them in your pocket for use any time to ensure your hands stay warm. Putting heat pads in wet shoes overnight dries them for a comfortable feel the next day. Hand-warming pads are also ideal for heating wet socks. When camping, cold weather may make it hard to sleep at night. Keep some warmers in socks and place them in the sleeping bag before bedtime. This ensures the sleeping bag is warm by the time you go to sleep. The heat pads help people with hypothermia by ensuring they stay warm. Holding a warmer below a mug keeps the drink warm for a long time. Heat pads may also help to ease migraines and headaches when held to the forehead.

How do reusable hand warmers function?
The warmers contain sodium acetate that dissolves in water. The solution is hot to dissolve more sodium acetate, and it crystallizes readily. Bending the internal metal strip releases small bits of metal. These offer nucleation sites for the formation of crystals. The spreading crystals enhance the release of stored heat energy in the solution. The pad heats up to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an exothermic reaction. It's possible to reset a heating pad by boiling it in water to liquefy the crystals.

Are hand warmer pads eco-friendly?
Most hand warmers contain materials that are nontoxic, odorless, and safe for the environment. The natural ingredients of the heat pads make it easy to use and dispose of them in the garbage. Some have fabric pouches that are biodegradable in the soil within two to three years.