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Keeping your hands warm when working outdoors has never been easier with reusable and rechargeable hand warmers and pads. For quick and easy access to warm hands, choose from our selection of single-pack hand-warming pads.

Instant and Long Lasting
Choose single-pack hand warmers and pads that offer instant warmth of up to 8 hours. These pads are ideal for those working outdoors on cold, winter days. Simply open a pack when things cool down, and the exposure to the air will immediately start heating these packs. For added convenience, simply seal in a zip-lock storage bag for use the next day. The compact packs are easy to transport from site to site.

Recharge and Reuse
For those who want a permanent solution to keeping hands warm, try our Rechargeable Hand Warmer. This is a reusable slim hand warmer that slips right on your hand for added comfort and warmth without getting in the way of your job. This charger can be charged up to 500 times for prolonged use. With a lightweight design and an on/off switch, it lets you choose when you need a little extra heat, perfect for those who work continuously on jobs in cold weather climates.

Heat Protection
If you work in high-radiant heat, choose from our selection of cool hand protectors. Made to protect your hands from heat that comes from welding jobs, these protectors are made from non-asbestos materials and fit snugly on your hands. These protectors offer a comfortable fit and flexibility to allow you to still do the task at hand without having to worry about being uncomfortable as you work.

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