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Home & Office Essentials

Home and Office Essentials- Sturdy and Easy to UseThe right home and office essentials make it easy to keep clutter under wraps. Organize contracts and other important documents with binder clips or metal fasteners. Office supplies are also ideal for teachers and parents who need to keep homework and projects organized.Document PrepPrepare for real-estate closings, court hearings, and other important events with sturdy fasteners. Binder clips hold documents securely so you don't have to waste precious time looking for the right page, but they're small enough you can still flip through pages without having to remove the clips. If you run out of sticky flags, paper clips also provide an ideal solution for marking pages for clients to initial or sign.Clutter ControlTake control of clutter by using fasteners to organize index cards, sticky notes, and other papers. Use several different colors to organize documents by topic, or stick with neutral colors for general office use. Hang these clips on your cubicle walls to keep documents organized even if you don't have a lot of space.Office OrganizationKeep your desk drawers organized with clip dispensers and other organizational tools. Clear dispensers match any decorative theme and make it easy to see what's in each dispenser. These dispensers keep small items under wraps, so you'll never have to sort through piles of clutter to find the right item.Project ManagementStay on track by using magnetic clips to manage project-related documents. These clips adhere to file cabinets and other metal surfaces, so it's easy to see what you need even if you don't have a bulletin board or dry-erase board in your office. Keep up with your work-related reading by using book clips to mark pages in trade magazines or reports.


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