Clips & Fasteners

Maintain excellent office and home organization with a variety of clips and fasteners. These products make it easy to quickly bundle packets of business literature, sales slips, class assignments and other documents, so important information is always within reach.

In addition to Staples' brand of clips and fasteners, you'll find a broad selection of high-quality and economical office supplies from companies such as ACCO, JAM Paper and Charles Leonard to suit the needs of every consumer.

Clips and Fasteners Bring Order to Your Desk

There are many styles of paper fasteners, pins and clips for school, home and business use. Basic paper clips come in standard and jumbo sizes to handle smaller stacks of papers, some with non-skid and vinyl-coated finishes for added support.

Butterfly clamps, bulldog and binder clips are designed to tackle larger bundles of reports, handbook pages and invoices with a more secure hold. When organizing an office or decorating a dorm room, push pins, tacks, cubicle hooks and magnetic clips are all highly versatile items. These items handle a variety of light duty tasks from hanging posters and file folders, marking map locations and displaying directional signage throughout a workplace or classroom.

T-pins are another fantastic option for pinning items to fabric cubicle walls, and banks also use them to bundle stacks of customer receipts. Prong fasteners are often used for filing away sales reports and spreadsheets on a monthly or yearly basis, so audits and tax preparation tasks go smoothly.

Loose-leaf rings are ideal for securing laminated flash cards and frequently-referenced instructions, so teachers always have quick access to important information and activity rules.

Several Styles of Clips and Fasteners for School and Other Tasks

In addition to the standard silver color, many products are available in a wide selection of colors, sizes and patterns for easy color coordination and data organization tasks.

Color-coding batches of documents is a simple and efficient method for organizing your desktop and speeding up a company's overall workflow.

Those looking to express their team pride or individuality can mix and match office supplies with clips in school or sports team colors sold in single-color packs, while users wanting to add some brightness to their desk find colorful variety packs offer the most versatility for a range of tasks.

Bulk Quantities Save Businesses Time and Money

Paper clips and fasteners are sold in convenient multi-packs and product assortments to cover a range of consumer needs. Shopping in bulk ensures every employee has access to important business tools that promote efficiency and top-notch organization.

Busy companies and learning institutions also appreciate auto restock services that deliver items at regular intervals to keep supply cabinets full of essential office supplies.

Can Paper Clips and Fasteners be Recycled?

Many people prefer to reuse paper clips, yet the occasional piece may end up in the recycle bin. Paper clips that are mixed in with bundled documents do not pose a problem, as they are sorted out during processing at recycling facilities.

What are Some Other Uses for Binder Clips?

Aside from office or school use, binder clips are handy for a variety of household and crafting tasks, such as recipe card holders, bookmarks, wrapping paper organizers and decorative place card holders. They also work well for tidying up computer and gaming system wires.

Are T-Pins Used in Offices the Same as T-Pins Used for Sewing?

Both styles of T-pins are virtually the same product, made with nickel-plated steel. Some types may vary slightly in length and thickness, yet offer very similar performance, especially when pinning to fabric surfaces.