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Staples® #1 Size Paper Clips, 1,000/Pack
Item #SS1009139
  • Bright, corrosion-resistant finish
  • 1,000/Pack: 10 boxes with 100 per box
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As low as  $5.49
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Staples® Jumbo Paper Clips, 1,000/Pack
Item #SS472480
  • Clip loose papers together to keep them organized
  • 1,000/Pack: 10 boxes with 100 per box
Multiple options
As low as  $8.29
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Staples® Vinyl-Coated Paper Clips, Smooth
Item #SS990250
  • Vinyl-coated metal paper clips
  • Available in 500/Tub and 1000/Tub
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As low as  $12.79
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ACCO® Large Binder Clips, Non-Slip Grip, Dozen (72100)
Item #669768
Model #72100
  • Binder clip secures documents at 1.06-inch capacity or approximately 150 pages
  • Black and silver tempered steel fasteners for standard use
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Staples Medium Binder Clips, Black, 12/Pack (15351)Staples Medium Binder Clips, Black, 12/Pack (15351)
Item #103549
Model #15351
  • A simple way to keep loose documents together in one spot
  • Width: 1.25"
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ACCO® Medium Binder Clips, Black, Dozen (A7072050B)
Item #669767
Model #A7072050B
  • 1.25" wide medium size binder clip holds up to 0.625" of paper
  • Black plastic clips and silver steel arms for stability
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Officemate Colored Binder Clips Assortment, Assorted Sizes and Colors, 30/Pack (31026)
Item #589162
Model #31026
  • The Assorted tub comes in an assortment of colors and sizes for a variety of uses
  • Mini, small and medium sizes
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Poppin Assorted Box of Paper ClipsPoppin Assorted Box of Paper Clips
Item #1268259
Model #105922
  • Standard Paper Clips
  • Assorted vinyl-coated steel
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Staples 0.75" Binder Clips, Small, Assorted Colors, 36/Pack (15343)
Item #481437
Model #15343
  • Binder clips are a great way to keep your loose reports or client documents together in one spot
  • Assorted colors including red, white, blue, green, and yellow
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Staples Jumbo Paper Clips, Assorted Colors, 500/Pack (40653)Staples Jumbo Paper Clips, Assorted Colors, 500/Pack (40653)
Item #480109
Model #40653
  • Paper clips are great for organizing papers and documents
  • Assorted in color including red, green, blue, yellow, black and silver
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Clips and fasteners for paper help in maintaining excellent home and office organization. Use them to bundle school assignments, receipts, promotional materials, and business documents. Clips and fasteners ensure that essential information is always within reach. Browse through the office supplies section at Staples for quality clips and fasteners.

Clips and fasteners for paper help in organizing a work area
Paper fasteners are available in different styles for business, home, and school use. Basic paper pins have either jumbo or standard sizes to hold smaller stacks of papers. Some fasteners have vinyl-coated and non-skid finishes for additional support. Binder clips hold together large bundles of invoices, handbook pages, and reports with a more secure grip. Magnetic clips and push pins come in handy when decorating or organizing a dorm room or office. Clips and fasteners are also ideal for light-duty tasks such as hanging file folders and posters and marking map locations in classrooms or workplaces.

Paper clips help to pin items to fabric cubicle walls. They’re also useful for bundling stacks of customer receipts in banks. Paper fasteners ease the tasks of tax and audit preparation by letting users file spreadsheets and sales reports on a yearly or monthly basis. Some clips and fasteners come in nickel-plated steel materials and have different thicknesses and lengths. This gives them long-lasting durability and versatility.

Paper clips and fasteners are available in bulk
Paper fasteners come in convenient assortments and multi-packs to fit the needs of various consumers. Buying paper clips in bulk ensures all employees can access them at any time and this promotes top-notch organization and efficiency. Learning institutions and busy companies can take advantage of auto restock services that ensure they always have the required office supplies.

What are some uses of paper fasteners?
Binder clips are useful in handling various crafting and household tasks such as wrapping paper organizers, holding recipe cards or bookmarks, and as decorative place cardholders. They come in handy when tiding up gaming and computer system wires. Most paper pins are available in a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors for easy data organization and color coordination tasks.

Place different documents in paper clips of different colors for easy organization and to speed up the overall workflow of a company. Add some brightness to a work area with the paper fasteners in a variety of colors.

Why do clips and fasteners for paper stick to a magnet?
Many paper clips are made of steel. These products tend to become magnetic when close to an external magnetic field. Paper clips become magnetized and stick to each other in this case.

Is it possible to recycle paper clips and fasteners?
Yes. Some people choose to reuse paper clips, while others dispose of them in the recycle bin after the first use. Recycling facilities sort out paper clips and fasteners that come with bundled documents. Instead of throwing away the paper clips, recycle or reuse them to avoid wastage. They are useful in keeping money organized and closing open food packages. They are also ideal in making DIY jewelry and or items such as key rings.

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