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Ergodyne® Chill-Its® 5155 Low-Profile Hydration Pack, BlackErgodyne® Chill-Its® 5155 Low-Profile Hydration Pack, Black
Item #198529
Model #13155
  • Material: Durable long lasting 420D nylon shell
  • Applications: Fire/rescue/EMT, construction, freight/baggage, oil/gas refining, drilling/mining, landscaping/grounds
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Ergodyne® Chill-Its® GB5050 Hydration Bladder ReplacementErgodyne® Chill-Its® GB5050 Hydration Bladder Replacement
Item #43778
Model #13057
  • Replacement bladder part for GB5050 Hydration Packs
  • Capacity: 70 oz. (2 L)
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High Sierra Wahoo 14L Tech Hydration Pack Black
Out of Stock
Item #84068
Model #53735-1077
  • Convenient helmet and gear storage behind hinged front pocket
  • 2 liter hydration system has a wide opening reservoir for easy filling and cleaning
Chill-Its® High Visibility Hydration Pack, Low ProfileChill-Its® High Visibility Hydration Pack, Low Profile
Out of Stock
Item #198528
Model #13156
  • Material: Durable 600D water resistant rip stop polyester shell
  • Applications: Fire/rescue/EMT, construction, freight/baggage, oil/gas refining, drilling/mining, landscaping/grounds
Participating in hiking, camping and extreme outdoor activities requires preparation. A hydration backpack keeps water close at hand, helps to prevent dehydration and is easily portable, making it an ideal companion for short- and long-term trips. These specialized packs have a hose that extends from the bladder to a strap where you can easily access the mouthpiece. Staples carries a wide selection of backpacks and accessories from popular brands such as Ergodyne and High Sierra backpacks.

Hydration Backpacks Come in Multiple Sizes
They come in sizes ranging from low-profile water bags that have a lightweight design for runners and laborers, to full backpacks that carry a supply that lasts for several days. While slim-fitting bags have pockets for holding small accessories such as a flashlight, or your keys, they're mainly designed to carry liquids. If you're looking for a storage option for backpacking trips, consider a larger hydration pack that comes with multiple storage compartments, or even those that have attachment loops for securing to camping and hiking backpacks.

In addition to pack size, it's also important to consider the size of the bladder, or how much liquid it can hold. Most range from 2 to 65 liters, giving users a wide range to select from depending on their needs. Determine the type of activity you'll use the pack for, and whether you'll need it for short- or long-term use. Those with larger reservoirs are heavier to carry than low-profile units that hold between 2 and 10 liters.

Hydration Backpacks Benefit Work and Play
While many people use these types of rolling backpacks for leisurely outdoor activities, they also benefit those who work on job sites in extreme conditions. Some have hi-visibility reflective material that makes it easy to be seen, even at nighttime. They make excellent solutions for fire and rescue personnel or those who do nighttime roadway construction.

Are Hydration Backpacks Comfortable?
Most leather backpacks come with several features to improve comfort, especially for those who wear them for extended periods of time. Padded back panels add cushioning and airflow channels promote breathability, keeping the wearer's back cool and dry. Larger frame packs have built-in lumbar support to prevent strain while on the move. They help with posture, keeping the user's back straight, and distribute weight evenly to avoid injury.

How Do You Use a Hydration Backpack?
The bags have a special design with an internal reservoir, or bladder, that holds the water. Many have a wide open compartment that's easy to clean and refill as needed at clean water sources. The bladder is separated from other compartments to prevent contamination. You can drink from a mouthpiece that extends from a strap, which is particularly helpful if you're drinking while in motion.

How Do You Clean a Hydration Pack?
Cleaning the pack is essential to prevent the buildup of mildew and mold, especially if you use outdoor water sources. Many have removable bladders that open up so you can clean the entire unit with dish soap and hot water. Some people choose to use cleaning tabs between uses. The hose and mouthpiece also disassemble and are easily flushed out with a regular kitchen faucet.