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SumacLife Canvas Athletic Laptop Backpack (Green)SumacLife Canvas Athletic Laptop Backpack (Green)
Item #2435296
Model #NBKLEA415
  • Light weight and not bulky.
  • Fits up to 16" wide laptops
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Minecraft Backpack, Creeper Green (MNCR1002SGRN)Minecraft Backpack, Creeper Green (MNCR1002SGRN)
In store only
Item #2119894
Model #MNCR1002-GRN
  • Overall Green Creeper print on durable polyester (online and in-store)
  • Overall Grey Miner print available via BOPIS (in-store only)
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JanSport Big Student Classic Backpack, Brook Green (JS00T69D0BE)JanSport Big Student Classic Backpack, Brook Green (JS00T69D0BE)
In store only
Item #1560901
Model #JS00T69D0BE
  • Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps.
  • Front utility pocket with organizer.
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SumacLife Light Weight School Laptop Backpack, Black Green (PT_NBKLEA475_NS)SumacLife Light Weight School Laptop Backpack, Black Green (PT_NBKLEA475_NS)
Item #24357379
Model #PT_NBKLEA475_NS
  • Material: Nylon
  • Large main compartment. Padded adjustable shoulder straps.
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L.L.Bean Deluxe Book Pack Backpack, Fresh Mint (0TXT906000)
25% off
Item #24428176
Model #0TXT906000
  • Backpack perfect for carrying all of your supplies
  • Made of weatherproof 420-denier ripstop nylon and comes in fresh mint color
Reg.  $49.95
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JanSport Big Student Backpack, Solid, Green (JS0A47JK69V)
25% off
Item #24430416
Model #JS0A47JK69V
  • Backpack is designed for long-lasting durability and features plenty of space for laptop and much more
  • Solid green backpack is made of 600D polyester
Reg.  $47.99
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SumacLife Back to School Laptop Backpack Travel Bag, Forest Green (PT_NBKLEA811_BA)SumacLife Back to School Laptop Backpack Travel Bag, Forest Green (PT_NBKLEA811_BA)
Item #24357380
Model #PT_NBKLEA811_BA
  • SCHOOL BAG: Day in and day out on campus calls for a set of must-haves and must-carry’s. The Novo separates items neatly for quicker access.
  • WORK BAG: A workflow can be comprised of many activities. Pack office life and a change of clothes along with you.
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JanSport Cool Student Backpack, Solid, Pine Grove (JS0A2SDD31R)JanSport Cool Student Backpack, Solid, Pine Grove (JS0A2SDD31R)
In store only
Item #24383580
Model #JS0A2SDD31R
  • Web haul handle
  • Premium synthetic leather bottom and trims
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JanSport Cross Town Backpack, Solid, Green (JS0A47LW69V)JanSport Cross Town Backpack, Solid, Green (JS0A47LW69V)
25% off
Item #24430414
Model #JS0A47LW69V
  • Backpack features a classic design with a contemporary look
  • Made of green 600D polyester
Reg.  $34.99
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Vangoddy Germini 15.6" Laptop Backpack (Olive Green)Vangoddy Germini 15.6" Laptop Backpack (Olive Green)
Item #2435267
Model #NBKLEA033
  • Small front pocket dedicated for your phone
  • Fits 15.6" wide laptops
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Backpacks help keep school supplies organized between trips to and from school. They have multiple compartments to hold binders, books and writing utensils. Shoppers looking for a green backpack can find several options at Staples from popular brands such as Jansport backpacks, SwissGear backpacks, and Bixbee.

Multi-Purpose Bags Increase Versatility
Some green backpacks come in handy for more than just transporting school books back and forth. Some have hydration packs built into them and work well for camping or hiking trips while others have rolling wheels and a telescopic handle that make them suitable for traveling lightly. Sport bags have a simple design with drawstring closures and sometimes a front pocket. These bags work well for gym uniforms or a change of clothes.

Array of Designs and Colors Suit Multiple Tastes
Green backpacks come in several colors from light khaki to deep emerald. Some have popular character or game designs that let children represent their interests, and others have team colors and logos in varying shades of green. They range in size as well, from smaller bags that suit elementary school children to larger pink backpacks that can stand up to the daily workload of middle and high-school-aged kids.

Convenience Features Improve Versatility
Modern leather backpacks are built to accommodate the technological advances and the need for devices in the classroom. Many of them have laptop sleeves and tablet compartments with specialized padding that's designed to protect devices against bumps, shocks and accidental drops. Many have ergonomic straps designed to reduce the risk of strained muscles, including waist and sternum straps that help evenly distribute the weight load.

Many also have a variety of pockets and pouches to transport materials. Messenger bags with mesh side pockets hold water bottles while front utility pouches hold pens, pencils, calculators and other class essentials. The main compartment is the roomiest, offering space for textbooks and thick notebooks. Some have a bottom compartment for storing gym clothes away from supplies.

Are Ergonomic Straps Essential in a Green Backpack?
Ergonomic straps offer many benefits in addition to helping reduce the risk of injury. They have cushioned padding that helps increase comfort and when appropriately sized to the wearer, it helps improve posture by keeping the back and spine straight. Not only is this beneficial during the school years, it also helps with proper bone development throughout childhood.

What are the Different Types of Straps?
Depending on the bag, you'll often see one of three types of straps: S-curve, J-curve or straight. S-curve straps fit snugly in the armpit area without digging in, providing additional comfort to those who have broad shoulders. The J-curve has a slightly less rounded design, while straight straps have no curve at all. Crossbody and sternum straps help evenly distribute weight, though they're not commonly seen on a typical backpack.

What Should you Consider to buy an Appropriate-Sized Green Backpack?
Torso and body frame size are the two most important considerations, as these two factors help find the best fit for wearers of all ages. The bag should be no bigger than the length of the torso, and the straps should be adjustable so that the backpack sits in the middle of the back without putting additional pressure on the wearer's shoulders and spine.