Hydraulic Cable Cutters

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Cable CutterFlange Pin
1 1/8 in
PELL HYDRASHEAR® Model P Hydraulic Cable Cutter, 1 1/8 in
Item #706290
Model #505-P-1125
  • Hydraulic cable cutters cutting capacity: 1 1/8-inch
  • Type: Hydraulic
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Sumner® Flange Pin, 5/8-1 5/8 in, 4 lbs.
Item #712027
Model #432-780430
  • Hole diameter: 5/8-1 5/8-inch
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
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These strong, dependable cable cutters can be used with minimal effort by any contractor, elevator repairman, or rigging loft personnel. Carefully designed to work underwater, they are highly recommended by cable manufacturers around the world due to their capacity to make a clean cut every time.

Easy to Use

Easily cut cable with these cable cutters. Powered by hydraulics, these precision cutters are engineered to make the jobs of contractors, elevator repairmen, and riggers more efficient. They operate with a simple pump of the handle and rely on no outside power. Increase productivity for yourself or your employees by using hydraulics, eliminating the need for cumbersome wires.


Bring these portable hydraulic cable cutters in the elevator shaft, up a ladder for a challenging part of a build, anywhere in the rigging loft, or other spots that may a tight squeeze. Their lightweight but solid design boasts a sleek and simple shape that is self-contained and easy to carry. Moving parts are built within the outer shell, creating a compact tool that can easily transport from one job to the next.


Maximize cutting force with these self-contained, durable cable cutters that can be easily used for tough and challenging underwater jobs. Make the job even easier with strong wire rope clips that are drop-forged for durability. The powerful system contained within the impact-resistant case is made to last and make a clean cut, enabling the job to go smoothly.

Efficient Accessories

Use flange pins that can be installed quickly as a convenient reference point on the job and require no tools to put in place. Crafted from hardened steel, they are made to last.