Infant Formula & Supplies

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Use infant formula and supplies to soothe hunger pangs and provide vital nutrients to your little one. Stock the cabinets in your daycare, medical facility, or home with feeding products from trusted companies, such as Reliabrand. Assorted colors and styles are available.

Gentle Delivery
Supply infants with important vitamins and minerals without upsetting the balance of their delicate digestive system when you use infant formula and supplies. Bottom-vented bottles transmit fluids slowly yet steadily to the stomachs of little ones, while silicone nipples provide a comfortable, familiar feeding experience that mimics the experience of breastfeeding. Colic-reducing bottles work well for the transmission of a variety of fluids, including liquid medications, breast milk, and formula.

Safe Materials
Feed babies at your medical facility or daycare without sacrificing their safety when you rely on infant formula and supplies from dependable brands. These safe products are designed using feedback from moms, lactation consultants, and healthcare practitioners, which helps create an effective product with minimal risks. Many bottles are BPA free, so you don't have to worry about exposing babies to harmful compounds.

Innovative and Effective
Infant formula and supplies are carefully crafted with the unique needs of bottle-fed infants in mind. Practical vents help reduce air flow so babies are less likely to suffer from gas or become colicky, and the soft, medical-grade silicone nipples fit easily into an infant's mouth. Some of these formula accessories are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance. Keep several packs of baby diapers in different sizes and styles on hand so you can quickly change soiled diapers shortly after feeding a hungry infant.

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