Feeding Tubes & Nutrients

These feeding tubes and nutrients provide caregivers with an easy way to ensure patients receive the nourishment vital to their recovery. The tubes and bags clearly marked for effortless tracking and dosage administration. This makes them good options for home care and medical settings.

Easily Provide Sustenance
Patients with Specialized Needs Feeding pumps, sets, and syringes allow caregivers to easily supply nutrients to patients who are unable to eat or drink. Use gravity-based sets to distribute liquid nutrients directly to patients' feeding tubes without the need for an external pump, or deliver medicine, formula, and other fluids into the patients' mouths using feeding syringes. No matter the feeding challenge, feeding tube and nutrients are available to fit your needs.

Encourage or Preserve Independence
Eating and drinking aids help preserve patient dignity and independence while minimizing the effort people need to feed themselves. Choose utensils with comfort-grip handles to reduce the risk of slippage and wrist strain in patients with impaired hand or arm control, or select specially crafted cups that make it easier for people with oral limitations to drink. Most of these aids are dishwasher safe and load easily into kitchen racks, so you can keep costs low by reusing them.

Provide Superior Infant Care
Supply infants with much-needed nutrients while also weaning them from their mothers' breasts using infant formula, bottles, and other supplies. Select bottles with built-in valves that maximize airflow to reduce the risk of colic, or choose options with removable syringes that make it easier to deliver medicine during feedings. Many models are made from medical-grade silicone that's durable and safe for babies to use.