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Starbucks® VIA™ Ready Brew Italian Roast Coffee Packs, 0.11 oz., 50/Bx
Item #830261
Model #SBK11008130
  • Regular caffeinated ground coffee
  • .11 oz. packets
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Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee, Medium Roast (SMU20629)
Item #29152
Model #SMU20629
  • Instant coffee is ideal for making a quick cup on the go or away from traditional coffee makers
  • Medium roast coffee with Classic Roast flavor
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Tasters Choice House Blend Instant Coffee, Medium Roast, .07 oz. Packets, 80/Box (NES15782)
Item #646041
Model #NES15782
  • Just add hot water for a perfect cup of coffee anywhere
  • Medium roast coffee with House Blend flavor
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Folgers® Classic Roast® Instant Decaf Coffee, 8 oz. Jar
Item #180386
Model #SMU20630
  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Makes up to 120 - 6 oz. cups
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Starbucks VIA Instant Colombia Coffee, 0.12 oz, 8/Box (11009529)Starbucks VIA Instant Colombia Coffee, 0.12 oz, 8/Box (11009529)
Item #2622416
Model #SBK11019881
  • Made from 100% Arabica beans
  • Microground to preserve essential oils and flavor
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Folgers® Classic Roast® Coffee Instant Stick Packets, 7/Box
Out of Stock
Item #1667889
Model #SMU2550020188
  • Instant coffee crystals
  • Medium Roast Coffee
Nescafe® Alegria 510 Instant Coffee, 4.05 oz. (NES11386)
Out of Stock
Item #390593
Model #NES11386
  • Ground Roasted Coffee
  • Refill canister contains enough coffee to make 120 espressos or 40 cappuccinos
Sometimes, there's nothing better than the immediate gratification of instant coffee. Anyone can enjoy a strong cup in seconds by adding a few ounces of boiling water. There are plenty of choices for all types of coffee lovers to satisfy even the pickiest palates for the java connoisseurs around the house or office.

Grab Instant Coffee to Go
When you're in a hurry or the coffee maker is suddenly in need of repair or maintenance, having instant coffee on hand gives you the pick-me-up you crave. Keeping an extra-large jar in the break room or supply closet is an easy backup solution at the office when the stock of coffee filters, fresh coffee or K-Cups suddenly runs dry. Busy students and commuters appreciate the ease of instant on days when they didn't have time to plug in the coffee maker that morning. Also, not everyone needs or wants to drink gourmet coffee. People who are only looking for a quick caffeine dose will love the no-nonsense ease and speed of instant.

Instant Coffee for Coffee Fans
Today, high-end coffee brands are available in instant format for richer coffee house flavors. Look for light, medium and dark roasts when ordering coffee online for the staff or the family. Instant also allows anyone to make a quick iced coffee or any other coffee beverage without having to make an entire pot. Adding few granules to smoothies and blended drinks brings a robust coffee flavor as well as a nice touch of caffeine to get the blood pumping any time of day.

Instant Coffee Offers Greater Convenience and Less Mess
Individual packets fit neatly into backpacks, purses and computer bags for a quick cup anywhere on the road. Ordering coffee online in larger quantities of 50 packs or more ensures there's always a cup ready for a visiting client or an unexpected guest. Since instant is shelf-stable, packets can safely be stored in a desk drawer for a nice dose of mid-afternoon coffee to get through the rest of the work day.

Delicious Instant Coffee Tastes Great Anytime
When someone wants to sip a warm cup of coffee with dessert, decaf has the same rich flavor without the stimulating impact of caffeine. Instant decaf at a dinner party provides single servings for the one or two guests who ask for it. Private chefs and catering companies may prefer to use instant decaf instead of brewing an entire pot as an economical option for the occasional decaf drinker.

Delicious Instant Coffee for any Situation
Avid outdoor enthusiasts who camp and hike in remote areas could opt for lightweight, non-perishable instant for a quick hot cup no matter where the trailhead ends. If you don't drink coffee every day and don't want to invest in a bag of fresh coffee beans, a jar of instant takes care of sporadic coffee cravings. College students without space for a coffee maker or people who live in efficiency or studio apartments with tiny kitchens may welcome the handiness of instant. Elder care and healthcare facilities with limited resources and smaller maintenance staff enjoy the convenience of single-serving instant coffee packets. Staples also carries a wide variety of office supplies to help your business move forward.