About this product

JAM Paper® Overlay Tissue Paper is great for adding decoratively to invitations, tracing, and more!

JAM Paper® Overlap Tissue paper is perfect for weddings! Put a nice piece of see through paper over any invite!

JAM Paper® Onion Skin Paper Overlay Tissue Paper Pad contains 40 sheets of paper. This pad and every sheet within it measures 9 x 12 inches in size. This white, translucent tracing paper (or onion skin paper) has an elegant appearance that will get noticed! Use this paper for art projects, crafts, lining photos for extra protection in memory books and scrapbooks, to line the envelopes for your next group invitations you will be sending out, and more! The sheets within this pad are securely fastened together, yet can be cleanly torn away with ease when pulled on firmly and evenly. This pad of 17 lb onion skin paper prevents individual sheets from scattering and becoming damaged.