Juice does more than replenish the body's fluids. These beverages contain helpful nutrients to supplement a healthy diet. No matter what your taste, it's easy to order juice online from Staples.

Everyday Favorites for the Home and Office
These beverages come in a variety of flavors, and there's something for every taste. Classics such as orange and apple remain popular choices for homes, especially those with growing families, and at offices where workers arrive early in the morning. These sweet drinks also serve as an alternative to coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Those who prefer softer flavors can enjoy sparkling mineral water with hints of pomegranate and orange or clementine. This type of water does not contain as much juice as most concentrates, but its energetic effervescence quenches thirsts at all hours of the day.

Why Order Juice Online
Ordering online saves time and energy. These drinks come in multiple sized packs, so homes and businesses can stock up with many flavors and styles. Bulk orders ensure there's always enough to go around, even among the thirstiest groups of people. Cans often come in quantities of 24 or 48 units per case. This gives teams enough individual drinks for everyone who wants one, and most require no refrigeration before opening. Most have long storage shelf lives, so it makes sense to order juice online when you order office items.

Made to Quench Thirst During Meals and Snacks
Many bottles have twist caps that close to store extra servings for later, and they contain enough for everyone at the lunch table, and smaller cans and bottles have enough for individual refreshment. Some come in concentrated forms and mix with water to create much larger quantities of a preferred beverage, and they're economical for large groups of people. Made for on-site mixing, concentrated juices offer special values for parties and events. Individual packets give workers another way to enjoy their beverages. These packets mix with glasses of water and eliminate the need for single-use plastics.

Health Benefits and Fun Ways to Prepare Beverages
People drink juice for many different reasons, including access to vitamins and minerals. These supplemental vitamins work in conjunction with healthy diets to promote energy throughout the day. These drinks also help with hydration. Thirsty individuals can mix concentrates and powders with large glasses of water for an instant flavor boost anytime. All of these beverages also work as ingredients for smoothies and other healthy mixtures. Pineapple makes a tasty base for spinach and kale smoothies, while orange freezes to form colorful popsicles. These treats keep kids cool during outdoor play sessions, and they're a treat for grown-ups too. Mix grape juice with sparkling water for a bubbly grape-flavored soda with all the benefits of a full glass of juice.

Orange juice helps people of all ages start the day with a healthy dose of vitamin C, and concentrated fruit blends make tasty afternoon treats. No matter when you get thirsty, Staples has a variety of options to stock your refrigerator.

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