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Keyboard & Mouse Combos

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Select a keyboard and mouse combo that helps you work and game effectively. Staples carries sets from well-known brands such as Logitech, Microsoft, HP and more. Find the right set for your work style, whether your priority is ergonomics, style or hotkey functionality.

Compatibility for Smooth Function
When you buy a keyboard and mouse set, you can be confident that the peripherals are designed to work together seamlessly. In offices where aesthetics are paramount, combo sets ensure a uniform look. This is especially important in client-facing areas or when you desire peripherals with built-in accent lights. Selecting computer components that come as a set helps ensure you get the same level of quality in each, so they'll have similar lifespans for convenient replacement down the line. Some combo packages offer value pricing, allowing you to get top-end equipment that won't strain your budget.

Peripherals with the Features that Matter
The type of peripherals you need depends on your usage habits. For all-day typing, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse are important for health and comfort. Keyboards with raised wrist rests keep hands at a natural angle to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Many ergonomic options are slightly raised at the center to accommodate the movement of your hands as you type. Some keyboards come in two pieces so you can place your hands further away from each other for more natural body mechanics. Keys that curve inward along a sculpted surface conform to your fingers' movement as you work, and ergonomic mice contour to fit the palm and feature intuitive controls.

When typing in dimly lit rooms, keyboards and mice with backlighting are easy to find and use, even when you need to reposition your hands. Some mice offer responsive lighting that glows as you perform preprogrammed functions, creating a futuristic effect that's impressive in high-tech offices.

Frequent travelers benefit from keyboards that fold neatly for easy stowing in a briefcase as well as pocket-size mice that don't need much surface area to function. For the best of both worlds, use a keyboard with a built-in trackpad that performs all the functions of a mouse. Some keyboards come with built-in number pads, which are a plus for data entry tasks. If you only occasionally use a number pad, opt for a slim plug-and-play version that you can attach as needed.

When purchasing peripherals for use at a reception desk or other shared workspace, consider versatility. Many mice are ambidextrous, so all your workers can use them. For cleanliness, consider equipment with antimicrobial-coated surfaces, which offer a smart way to combat germs in the office.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos Offer Wire-Free Convenience
A wireless mouse and keyboard combo set lets you stay in control of your device whether you're sitting at your desk or reclining on your couch. A cord-free mouse with a built-in trackpad or trackball facilitates use on any surface, and large scroll wheels make it simpler to scan information quickly no matter where you are. Some wireless keyboards are extra slim and light, so they rest easily on your lap when you're catching up on work at a coffee shop.
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