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Pacon® Trait-Tex® 3 Ply School Roving Yarn Dispenser, Assorted, 9 Cones/Pack
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Item #PAC0000130
Model #0000130
  • Non-allergenic and mildew resistant yarn
  • Roving yarn dispenser box with nine cones of yarn
Enhance Your Creativity—Create luxurious knitted clothing, shawls, and throws with ease once you have the perfect tools. Knitting needles and yarn holders let you take your craft everywhere you go. Crochet supplies and weaving looms help you create gorgeous decorative pieces that friends will treasure forever.
Keep Knitting Supplies in One Spot
Choose between straight or flexible knitting needles, or go for a kit that contains both so you have everything you need, no matter the project. Pick up a yarn ball winder to keep your knitting tidy and safe from curious little fingers or paws, or choose a yarn holder, yarn drum, or tote bag to keep your yarn safely tucked away.
Crocheting Made Simple
Steel and aluminum crochet hooks are available in all sizes; many come in neat holders so you can always find them when you're ready to crochet. Crochet instruction books teach you how to create beautiful edges. Soft-touch crochet hooks feature easy-grip handles to keep your hands comfortable as you work.
Inspire Creativity With Craft Kits
Choose a sock loom to make warm footwear for the whole family, use a flower loom to make fun decorations from ribbon or raffia, or make fun pom-poms for decorations and shoe ties. Expand your needlework to other needle arts such as embroidery, needlepoint, and rug hooking, and create truly beautiful crafts that turn even a tiny apartment into a welcoming home.
Wonderful Weaving Options
Metal and plastic pin looms let you create beautiful tapestries by hand. Hardwood beading looms are designed for wide-pattern weaving, and simple plastic looms help you make hats, scarves, and slippers.

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