Laminators & Supplies

Add a layer of protection to almost any document with laminating machines and supplies. Preserve your prized photographs without digitizing them, or protect your most important business files from damage. Laminators make it easy to create reusable handouts and activity sheets for your students.

Protect Your Documents
At home, in the office, or in the classroom, laminators and laminating supplies offer extra protection for your most needed and prized documents, photographs, and papers. Keep that physical connection to your family's past by preserving old family photographs without digitizing them, or make sure your stored office documents have an added layer of protection against the elements. After a busy day of drawing and art, laminate your students' artwork so they can share their accomplishments with their families.

Reduce Costs
Use and reuse documents with the added protection of .3 mil or .5 mil lamination. Perfect for classrooms, restaurants, and more, quick and easy lamination reduces costs by eliminating the need to reprint or copy documents again and again. Laminate the pages of your menus to protect them from accidental spills or stains to maintain their professional appearance, or laminate worksheets for the classroom, and use the worksheets with dry-erase markers year after year.

Professional Results
A high-gloss, laminated finish not only protects, but adds a professional touch to labels, signs, and name tags. Transform your basic printer into a professional label maker, and print out laminated place setting labels for you daughter's wedding, or easily create laminated name tags for any professional event. Even memos and signs on the office bulletin board look more professional with an added layer of lamination.