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HP 35A Black Toner Cartridge (CB435A)HP 35A Black Toner Cartridge (CB435A)
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Item #712993
Model #CB435A
  • Yields up to 1,500 pages
  • Manufactured specifically for HP printers, original HP toner cartridges offer fast, hassle-free printing
  • HP 35A Black toner cartridges deliver consistent yields and provide high-quality results
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HP 35A Black Toner Cartridges, 2 Pack (CB435D)HP 35A Black Toner Cartridges, 2 Pack (CB435D)
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Item #796677
Model #CB435D
  • HP 35A toner cartridges work with: HP LaserJet P1005, P1006
  • Save 10% with HP toner multipacks.
  • Page yield of HP 35A: approx. 1,500 pages black per cartridge
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Quality HP LaserJet P1006 toner cartridges are printing products for particular HP laser printer users. They offer quality and consistent prints that are on-demand in increasingly competitive business setups. Staples offers HP LaserJet P1006 toner cartridges that come in handy when the need for cartridge replacement arises. Their convenient packaging and high yields make them a replacement cartridge of choice for any compatible printer. 

The convenience of the HP LaserJet toner cartridges
The HP LaserJet P1006 toner cartridges are resistant to smudges and fading. Therefore, every document maintains its clarity for a long time. The elimination of constant reprints saves users paper and toner, which makes them economical in the printing business. The toner powder particles are spherical and monochrome. They produce bold and crisp texts and intensely sharp images that stand out on any background. HP technology guarantees value, reliability, and trouble-free printing throughout the cartridge use. The cartridges streamline printing needs with reliability to offer unmatched convenience. 

Convenient packaging for maximum yield
Two-pack HP LaserJet P1006 toner cartridges offer original black cartridges for quality prints. Users can print twice as many uninterrupted pages in just one purchase. This makes them convenient for high-volume printing. The multipacks also save users up to 10 percent and are more economical for everyday use. These HP toner cartridges have a yield of up to 1,500 pages per cartridge. Users can plan their daily prints and even monthly prints to determine how many cartridges they require in the long run. Convenient planning helps the users in planning conveniently for their daily productivity and is more economical.

They are compatible with several laser printers
Users can confidently use the cartridges with a wide variety of their HP laser printers.  Compatible printers quickly accept the cartridges and resume printing without delays. Compatible HP LaserJet P1006 toner cartridges work conveniently with the printers to deliver quality prints for every page. Compatible cartridges minimize downtime and increase productivity. They are economical in that they cause no technical problems to the printers.

What is the purpose of the intelligence feature of the toner cartridges?
The intelligence feature of the toner cartridges is time-saving and fast, offering the convenience that the business requires. It proactively helps users manage their supplies so that they have them as soon as they need them.

Is there any recycled content in the HP LaserJet P1006 toner cartridges?
The toner cassette comprises 28 percent recycled content. This does not impede the promised quality and consistency of prints. Recycled content is important in keeping a sustainable environment without compromising print qualities that are important to clients and other users.

Are there factors that might affect the cartridge yield?
While the average yield determination depends on constant factors, the yield might vary based on the content of the pages printed. High temperatures might also lead to toner clumping, which can reduce yield. The ideal operating temperature range for HP LaserJet P1006 toner cartridges ranges between 50 to 90.5 degrees Fahrenheit. To attain optimum performance, users should maintain the recommended temperature.