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Ladders provide safe and secure footing when working above ground level. They also let workers reach rooftops and other elevated locations. Louisville Ladder offers a variety of climbing solutions that meet the needs of construction professionals and DIY homeowners.

Louisville Ladder Products Handle any Climbing Task
Indoor and outdoor maintenance and construction projects require varied climbing solutions. These products include self-supporting step ladders that need no additional support, extension ladders that offer exceptional reach, and multi-purpose models that handle a broad range of jobs. This brand also makes products such as step stools, attic and warehouse ladders that handle unique climbing challenges.

Louisville Ladder Safety and Comfort Features
Construction professionals spend long hours climbing ladders. Features such as D-shaped rungs and wide, serrated steps provide sure and comfortable footing while you work. Many products feature rubberized, swivel feet that offer stable support, even when the ladder is resting on an uneven surface. Molded tops with recessed trays provide space for small tools and parts. Quick-release rung locks make it easy to adjust the length of extension models, and twin front options handle two climbers at once when the job calls for more than one set of hands.

These products also withstand rough treatment and harsh outdoor conditions. Heavy duty reinforcement plates provide additional strength at critical structural locations and robust aluminum rivets hold treads in place securely. Spreaders located inside the side rails reduce the risk of damage in transit. Most products also meet OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

How do you Pick the Right Louisville Ladder?
When choosing a ladder, consider where you'll be using it, how high you'll be climbing and whether you'll be using it to access areas such as rooftops. Step ladders provide stable footing and are a good choice for jobs that require you to stand on them while you work. Extension ladders need additional support, a wall or the edge of a roof. Use them to reach an elevated work area or when working on second-story walls. Multi-purpose products have hinges that let you use them as either an extension or step ladder. However, the added flexibility also increases their weight and limits their overall length.

Which is Better, Fiberglass or Aluminum Ladders?
Most of these products are made from one of these two materials, and both have advantages. Fiberglass products are strong and don't conduct electricity or heat, making them ideal for electricians or anyone working near power lines. If you move your ladder frequently while you work, aluminum may be a better choice; it's lighter than fiberglass. Because aluminum is also rigid, aluminum models come in longer lengths than fiberglass products.

What do Ladder Duty Ratings Mean?
Duty ratings are standards created by the American National Standards Institute and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They define how much weight a ladder can support and its maximum overall length. Type I models have the highest weight capacity and the greatest reach. Type II products are suitable for lighter commercial work, while a Type III ladder can handle typical household tasks. The load capacity indicates the maximum weight it can support, including any tools or supplies you're using.

The right ladder can simplify construction tasks that involve working in an elevated location or give workers access to roofs or tall exterior walls. Browse the many climbing solutions available at Staples and find the right tool for your next indoor or outdoor construction project.
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