Medication Aids

Medication aids assist your workers in preparing the correct portions for patients. Avoid contamination by storing medication in disposable cups or organizers. Keep track of recipients and medication details with line-ruled cards and envelopes.

Fast, Sanitary Preparation
Use pill crushers and splitters to neatly break down pill portions without creating a mess. Pills of all sizes fit inside these convenient medication aids, and the resulting powder is contained in the chamber or accompanying envelope for easy transfer to a patient's food or beverage.

Organized Distribution
Whether you work with small groups or run large patient facilities, medication aids like cups and pill organizers simplify the task of portioning medication for individual recipients. Find both disposable and sterile cups from brands like Medline to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination. Use organizers to divide pills into daily dosages for easy identification.

Observation and Record Keeping
Maintain accurate records of patient activity with preprinted cards and envelopes. Fill in quick details about each patient's medication requirements, dosage times, and even personal notes to prevent overlapping treatment.