Monitor Learning Center


  • CRT: Short for "cathrode ray tube," the technology that's used to display images.
  • LCD: Short for "liquid crystal display, the technology behind super-thin, light, power-conscious monitors.
  • LCD with TV Tuner: LCD dispays with built-in TV tuners that provide maximum viewing flexibility. These models are equipped with an RGB analog input and can interface with virtually any digital source--including DVDs, digital photos, and videos.
  • Dot Pitch: The distance between dots of the same color (red, green, or blue) on the screen. The smaller the dot pitch, the crisper the image. Standard is .24mm horizontal dot pitch. Envision CRT monitors start at this level and decrease from there..
  • Maximum Resolution: The maximum number of pixels displayed on a monitor, written as (number of horizontal pixels) x (number of vertical pixels). Envision monitors offer a minimum of 1024x768..
  • Refresh Rate: The maximum number of frames displayed in a second, expressed in Hertz. Envision monitors are designed with refresh rates that decrease flickering and reduce eye strain.