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Motorola 9" Wrist Lanyard Nylon Hand Strap For Symbol PDT 6100 Scanner
Item #IM1Q43183
Model #50-12500-066
  • Wrist lanyard nylon hand strap
  • Size: 9"
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Connecting to the internet is a necessity for most homes and businesses. A Motorola router takes the incoming connection from the ISP and distributes it among connected devices. A router also provides increased security against incoming attacks. Staples® carries a selection of Motorola routers and other network devices to ensure a successful internet experience.

Understanding the Types of Motorola Routers
There are three main types of routers available for both business and home use. These routers are differentiated by their data transfer rates. Wireless-G routers are the most basic type of device. These routers deliver data transfer rates of up to 54Mbps, which is sufficient for homes with one to three network devices. Wireless-N routers are a step up from Wireless-G. They are available in dual-band designs, which means data is transferred over two separate frequency bands, providing faster speeds and enhanced data transference. This type of router is a good choice for homes that have users that stream video or play video games. The fastest type of router is the Wireless-AC. They run solely on the 5 GHz frequency and offer speeds of up to 1Gbps. This type of router provides the necessary bandwidth for those in large offices.

Considering the Options for Routers
The basic cable modem delivers speeds up to 340Mbps, which is sufficient for powering cable television channels and providing access to streaming media devices and computer gaming stations. You can also opt for a gaming router, which delivers increased speeds to reduce ghosting and lagging.

Most Motorola routers include built-in stands so that they won't take up much space on a workstation, and they have durable bodies that resist damage. Motorola has a line of compatible extenders that deliver an easy setup process and reliable connections over large areas. Extenders also have the ability to increase service in buildings with multiple floors or thick walls.

What Is the Difference Between a Wireless Router and a Wireless Access Point?
The biggest difference in an access point and a router is the ability to connect to the internet. A router connects to the ISP through a modem to provide service to all devices attached to the network. An access point provides the same type of service as a wireless extender. This device extends the router's range so users can connect to the Internet. A Motorola modem router can be used as an access point, but an access point cannot be used as a router.

What Is a Portable Wireless Router?
A portable wireless router is a pocket-sized hotspot. This device lets you connect to the Internet through a paid subscription. Most phone networks provide service to a portable router. Theses routers let you connect any type of wireless device, including tablets, PCs, and phones.

What Is a Router's Uplink Port?
An uplink is a port found on a router or a hub that allows the device to connect to other networks or computers. An uplink can also connect a media device like a cell phone or tablet to an existing server or network.