Non Woven Wheel Abrasives

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Eliminate irregularities for a smooth and uniform finish on a variety of surfaces using long-lasting silicon carbide non-woven wheel abrasives. Choose the type that suits your needs from a selection of trusted brands that include Scotch-Brite and Norton.

Non-woven wheel abrasives work gently, allowing you to achieve a smooth finish on a variety of surfaces. From ceramics and glass to aluminum, these non-aggressive abrasives are best for detailed finishing work. With these tools you can easily eliminate weld spatter, remove rust, and clean your work surfaces. The gentle touch of non woven wheel abrasives makes them useful for surface and edge grinding, so you can repair dulled bolt threads, clean metal parts, remove scale or dirt, and achieve a consistent debris-free surface.

Since the materials used to make these wheel abrasives are bonded rather than woven like steel wool, you can rely on them more than other metal abrasives because they don't rust. The layers are bonded together for a consistent abrasive durability that results in flawless grinding and resists distortion or environmental degradation. Use steel grinding wheels for heavy-duty cleaning of surfaces, aluminum grinding wheels for precision edge grinding, and silicon carbide wheels for cutting and sanding glass and a variety of surface materials.

Uniform Grain Dispersal
The abrasive grain is distributed evenly throughout the wheel so that the grinding quality is continuous throughout the life of the product. That means you won't have to replace your finishing wheels as often as other grinding products. With an abrasive with a longer lifespan, you can achieve precision results without having without having to stop and replace the wheel abrasives.

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