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Assorted Notebooks & Notepads

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Notebooks can be found on nearly any office desk or in most student's backpacks. They get used for writing school assignments, taking notes in business meetings and sketching out a new artistic masterpiece. Regardless of their intended purpose, there is a notebook to get the job done. Consider the following features and options before making a notebook purchase:

Notebooks come in a variety of different sizes. A 3 x 5 inch notebook fits in a pocket and is convenient for note-taking on the job site. Sized for a purse, laptop bag or briefcase, a 6 x 9.5 inch pad provides portability and plenty of writing space. Students may be required to use standard 8.5 x 11 notebooks for homework and classroom assignments. Most notebook sizes can be found in both wide and college ruled paper.

Sheet Quantity
Not only do subject notebooks come in a variety of sizes, but they are also available in various sheet quantities. Avid note-takers or those who do not want to keep track of multiple notebooks may opt for one that has a higher sheet count, such as 100 or even 200. A normal size notebook will have 70 or 80 count while small pocket size ones will have fewer. Notebooks with higher sheet counts are often partitioned into sections so that multiple subjects can be easily organized into a single notebook. A 3-subject notebook helps to organize classroom or work notes by subject.

Individual style and uniqueness are things that are often associated with clothing. But even a notebook can help someone to stand out and be themselves. A large number of cover color choices are available for notebooks of all sizes. Standard colors like red, blue, green, and yellow can be purchased as well as more diverse choices like pink, orange, black and light blue. It can also be helpful to keep multiple notebooks organized and easily recognizable by their different styles.

A notebook's spine determines how secure the pages are. Spiral-bound notebooks keep pages in place, and most have perforated pages for easy removal. Secure and refillable, 3-ring binders are a good option for students who need to turn in assignments. Hardbound journals look professional and protect the pages within. Glue or string-bound spines are designed for short term use, such as creating grocery lists or memos. These often have perforated pages. Any of these types may be found in both top-bound or side-bound versions.

Notebook covers come in a variety of materials to meet different needs. For conservation and environmentally minded people, there are notebooks made of sustainable and recycled materials. For those wanting a sturdy notebook or one that can handle the elements, poly cover notebooks are available. They are resistant to tearing, moisture and stains and are excellent options for extended use or outdoor scenarios.

Notebooks serve many purposes and are used by many people every day. They can be purchased individually or in bulk. Packs of various quantities are available in many of the styles, sizes, and sheet counts listed above, often with multiple cover colors in the same pack.
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