PDF Software

PDF stands for portable document format. It's a commonly used format, as PDF files are device independent, meaning they look the same on the printed page as they do on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen. Today, there are many PDF software applications available that can view, convert or edit PDF files. Staples carries an excellent selection of PDF converters and editors, including products for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating systems. Many of these PDF software tools are available as downloads, which makes them easy to install.

Professional Published Documents
While word processors such as Microsoft Word can create attractive and useful documents, the files they produce can look different on different devices. PDF converters turn word processing files into professional-looking publications that are consistent, portable and easy to share. PDF software viewers are included with most computers, tablets and smartphones, and they're also built into many Web browsers. This widespread viewer availability makes it easy for almost anyone to view files produced by PDF software.

Advanced Editing Features
Some PDF software offers powerful editing and conversion features. Products such as Adobe Acrobat can repair damaged PDFs or edit PDF files without converting them to a different format. Other products convert PDFs to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, eBook formats or image files. Batch PDF converters process many files in a single operation, making them a powerful option for anyone who needs to produce lots of PDF files quickly. These tools make it easy to create and share high-quality documents or turn PDF files into useful text and data.

Secure Data Transfer
The PDF file format supports data encryption. Encrypted files require a password so that publishers can limit access to sensitive information. PDFs also support usage rights that let the document creator control who can convert or edit PDF files they produce. PDF converters and editors that support these features provide excellent document security and access control.

PDF files are a convenient and portable way to transfer information and turn standard word-processing documents into professional-quality documents that look the same on every device. PDF software provides the tools needed to convert, secure and edit PDF files.