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Paperweights keep loose pages from blowing around due to fans or people walking past your desk. Whether looking for pieces to add to your collection or designs that match your personality or decorating scheme, Staples® carries a range of styles that work for the desk or anyone who collects these interesting pieces of art.

The History of Paperweights
While nearly anything that's heavier than paper works for holding it down, a paperweight adds beauty and personality to any desk. These baubles have their histories rooted in the Han dynasty when they were made from white jade. First used in American homes, offices, and libraries around 1822, these objects are prized for their utility in standing up to air currents and their beauty. From glass and crystal designs to those made from marble, metals, and heavy plastics, there are options available that add a decorative touch to any office or home. Consider a paperweight gift for anyone who enjoys interesting shapes, bold colors, or a whimsical addition to a growing collection.

The Versatile Styles of Paperweights
Lampwork designs feature objects like fruit, flowers, and animals encased in mediums that include glass, crystal, and plastic. Millefiori styles use glass rods with layers of colors that create bright, floral motifs inside the weight. Some products feature advertising materials, business names, or photos, providing a personalized gift for anniversaries and other special occasions. Commemorative weights offer a distinctive method of showing appreciation for those reaching milestones or sales goals. Consider designs painted in varying colors and etched with different tools for unique options for collectors. Shaped weights come in numerous styles that highlight a particular interest. These options let users show off their hobbies and likes at the office.

Are There Multi-Use Paperweights?
Weights for keeping paper in organized piles come in designs that feature clips for holding memos and messages. Some products spin and have different decisions listed, letting users answer difficult questions or come up with unique solutions. A book weight keeps pages flat while reading and reduces losing your place when you step away. You can use a paperweight to hold down the free printable calendars Staples offers to all of its customers.

What Are Paperweights Made Of?
Crystal and glass products with attractive designs inside are common. There are silver and gold weights, with plated items providing a budget-friendly option for most users. Metal, brass, and pewter styles add considerable weight and come in different shapes for added appeal. Plastic and acrylic weights let offices provide one at each desk, without requiring a large budget.

Do Paperweights Come in Different Sizes?
These products come in small, marble-sized designs that take up little room while keeping papers in place. Large weights stand up to drafty areas and fans and come in options that add to any decorating scheme. Flat styles have an inconspicuous low profile that works with desks of all sizes.

How Do You Clean Paperweights?
Most models require a damp cloth for removing dust and debris. Polishing solid gold and silver designs with an appropriate cleanser maintains the luster and removes oxidation and spotting. Check the manufacturer instructions for complete cleaning guidelines for plastic weights and those with colored finishes. You can purchase other great executive gifts such as perpetual calendars, cuff links, and bookends.