Patient Communication & Announcement Cards

Keep patients abreast of special offers, or send out thoughtful reminders for upcoming appointments or screenings with patient communication, marketing, and giveaway materials. Send out mailers to show patients you're thinking about them, and easily keep patients engaged with your practice.

Easy-to-Use Templates
Help patients keep track of appointments by sending out appointment reminders. Popping a reminder in the mail can help cut missed appointments and no-shows and are a considerate way to ensure that patients remember pre-scheduled appointments. Appointment reminder cards that put your practice’s contact information within easy reach also gives the patient the info needed to reach your practice if he needs to reschedule the appointment.

Enhanced Marketing Options
From discounted laser whitening treatments to specially priced health screenings, postcards and other mailers can help you get the word out about upcoming specials and offers to maximize your patient response numbers. Enhance your marketing efforts with laser-printed postcards that keep patients up to date about the services and products that they can take advantage of when visiting your practice. Use special mailers to reach out to current patients, find new patients, or review existing medical files to reconnect and renew relationships with patients who have not been in to see you lately.

Personalized Patient Interactions
Take advantage of speciality postcards and greeting cards to show patients that you are thinking of them. These mailers put a personalized slant on patient care, while helping the patient see that he is not just another number. Send out birthday wishes and holiday greetings to keep your practice on the minds of your patients.