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Leisure Arts LA-6371 "Tunisian Dishcloths"
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Model #LA-6371
  • Published by Leisure Arts on 1st October 2014
  • Author Name: Becky Stevens
Inspire Creativity—With a wide variety of patterns and sewing books, you can learn how to sew, or piece together an heirloom quilt. You can even learn how to create personalized bags and clothing items. Choose from popular brands to find exactly what you need.
With a variety of projects in each book, these creative patterns feature several projects in one, which is convenient for those who like to try a variety of projects. You also have the added convenience of using one of the many software programs to easily design and print out your own creations.
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Whether you are a quilting professional or a beginner who prefers the most simple and easy crafts, you will find everything you need to create elegant works of art to simple papercrafts. Each pattern and sewing book comes with easy-to-follow instructions that take you from the very first piece of thread to finishing off or hemming a dress for a little one. You will also find plenty of color photos to walk you through each step of your project, so you can create something you can be proud of.