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Poly bags are essential to virtually every area of the commercial industry, from food sellers to furniture suppliers. Offering an efficient and simple way to protect and package products, polythene bags shield items from dust and damage during shipment and stocking, function as hanging displays in stores and allow buyers to transport their purchased items. Choose from an array of styles, sizes and shapes to find a bag that fits the products or items you need to store.

Which Enclosure Style Is Optimal?
Many flat polythene bags do not incorporate an enclosure mechanism, but may allow for heat sealing, stapling, taping or tying. Flat poly bags may be used to store food or flat paper items or to loosely protect products during shipment to a customer. Alternatively, a reclosable poly bag incorporates a sliding zipper mechanism or a self-sealing flap, so you can quickly and easily secure the product. Staples offers a full range of poly bag fasteners, including individual twist ties, twist tie rolls and bag tape, for simple and secure closure options.

Consider Poly Bag Dispenser and Label Options
While some poly bags come in flat stacks, others may arrive with alternative dispensing mechanisms. Bags on a roll must be pulled from a core at their perforation, and they are easily stored on a shelf for convenient retrieval. Pre-opened bags on a roll are designed for use with automatic bagging machines for fast high-volume packing.

Polythene bags with large label blocks make it easy to write the product name, description, price, quantity and other information for customers or internal use. This feature is ideal for storing or transporting parts, food products or clothing items.

Specialty Bags Accommodate Certain Types of Products
Staples offers a variety of polythene bags with hang holes that can be used to display any product in a retail environment, including hardware, pens and even food. If you do plan on using the bags for food, keep in mind the bag must be made of FDA-approved food-grade plastic. Flat-bottomed bags are self-supporting and ideal for displaying many types of food items. Sandwich bags are the right size for storing sandwiches, chips, cookies and other food items safely.

For storage and transport of brochures, literature or newspapers, special polythene bags are made with plastic carry handles. Keeping a mattress dry and clean might sound like a daunting task, but polythene mattress bags offer the strength and size to do the job. T-shirt bags are intended for bagging store items and take-out food, while anti-static bags are a necessity to prevent damage to electronic products.

Make Sure the Bag Is Durable
While most plastic bags are made of polythene, the thickness and durability of the plastic can vary significantly. Thicknesses range from 0.4 mm to 6 mm, and some bags have reinforced bottoms for ultimate strength. Gusseted bags incorporate a structured tubular design that accommodates storage of bulky and irregular-shaped items. If the items being stored are fragile or require extra protection, bubble bags will cushion them during transport.