Power Strips & Adapters

Managing electrical connections in a modern home or office can be challenging, but power strips and adapters simplify this task. They come in many different configurations that provide outlets for a few tools or appliances or a full rack of computer hardware. Some products also convert DC power to AC or safely connect devices and wall outlets with different plug types. Staples carries a broad range of electrical connection accessories from manufacturers such as Fellowes, Tripp Lite and Wagan.

Flexible Power Distribution
There are many different power distribution accessories designed to handle varied electrical distribution tasks. Simple extension cords extend the reach of a wall outlet from 6 to 100 feet and include products designed for indoor or outdoor use. Power strips usually have 2 to 15-foot cords and multiple outlets. Most have a switch that lets users turn off all connected devices at once and mounting holes that let you attach them to walls or other surfaces. Wall plate adapters turn a standard outlet into a compact electrical connection hub with three to six plugs.

Safe Electrical Connections
While some power accessories just move electricity from place to place, many products have features that enhance safety and protect connected equipment. Built-in circuit breakers guard against electrical surges and overloads, and EMI and RFI noise filtering ensures sensitive devices receive the clean power they need. Some extension cords and power distribution accessories have plug covers or twist caps that guard against accidental contact. Products with GFCI protection reduce the risk of shocks in wet environments such as bathrooms or outdoor locations.

Most electrical distribution devices handle 120-volt AC power used in most US homes and businesses and connect to a wall outlet with a grounded three-prong plug. Most also have polarized, three-prong outlets and support electrical loads of up to 15 amps.

Power Strips for Special Needs
These products can also handle unique electrical distribution tasks. Anyone traveling abroad should consider an international power converter, which lets them connect their devices to different outlet types. Power accessories with USB ports charge portable electronics such as tablets, music players or cell phones from any wall outlet, and converters use your vehicle's DC power system to provide electricity to 120-volt AC equipment. Some surge protectors have extra space between outlets to accommodate bulky power supplies for devices such as modems, routers or printers.

Commercial-grade power accessories offer advanced features that meet unique environmental challenges. Products for hospital use meet rigorous UL standards that ensure safe operation when attached to equipment carts and IV stands or when connected to isolated electrical systems. Power distribution units for data centers provide high-density connections for rack-mounted equipment, using just 1U of space to provide up to 20 outlets.

Extension cords, power converters and surge protectors offer a variety of electrical connection options to home and business users. They provide power for mundane devices such as computers or power tools and handle the unique needs of commercial environments such as hospitals and data centers. Shop the many power products available at Staples and solve any electrical connection challenge.