Preprinted forms help your company stay organized by helping you keep track of sales, taxes, and purchases. Use preprinted applications to gather information from potential employees. Send year-end W2 forms to employees to aid them in filling out their income tax returns.

Easy Business Organization
Preprinted forms help you stay organized by providing a convenient way to keep track of income earned through sales or rentals. Choose a receipt book from Tops with carbon copies, so you can keep a copy and give your customer a handy proof of purchase. Sales order form books ensure your warehouse department knows who each package goes to along with the proper address. Packing slip books give you a simple way to let your customer know exactly what's in each package.

Human Resources Made Simple
Preprinted forms for job applicants from Adams and ComplyRight allow your human resources department to gather important information quickly and conveniently. Weekly time sheets ensure each employee is paid correctly for time spent on the job. Preprinted employee appraisal forms ensure reviews accurately reflect each employee's performance evaluations.

Convenient Tax Information
Whether you're sending out W2 forms to hourly employees or 1099s to independent contractors, preprinted forms from Staples make reporting tax information simple. Choose laser or inkjet forms in multipacks for an added level of convenience and select matching envelopes from Tops to enhance the professionalism of your business. These forms make it easy for your employees and contractors to keep track of their personal finances as well as fill out year-end tax forms using financial and accounting software.