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Pressure washers and accessories effectively spray away dust and grime that can build up on a variety of different surfaces. These powerful tools bring high water pressure to bear for quick removal and effective results.

Powers Away Dirt
Pressure washers use high volumes of pressurized water to displace dirt, grease, and grime. This makes the tools invaluable for automotive and mechanical work where such buildup is likely to occur on important components and office gear. Pressure washers also deliver the same level of power for cleaning driveways, walkways, and parking spaces, keeping them looking neat and clean.

Protects Smooth Surfaces
Pressure-washer accessories help prevent buildup of grime and dirt that can gradually wear down smooth surfaces. This ensures that surfaces remain smooth and retain their great looks over time. To create a smooth surface on almost any medium, turn to heavy-duty sanders and accessories.

Provides Precise Delivery
Many pressure-washer accessories feature specialized nozzles that provide precise delivery of the powerful water flow. This allows workers to use pressure to clean pieces that have odd angles or hard-to-reach spaces, such as automotive parts or tools. Precise delivery of high-pressure flows can also help protect other tools or areas near the ones undergoing a wash.

Easily Transportable
Pressure washers and accessories often feature kit-style designs that make them easily portable between job sites. The ability to move quickly between jobs helps increase overall operational efficiency in many service jobs, and the simple portability allows workers to quickly disassemble and pack away the kit, keeping it handy in a truck or storage unit until the next scheduled maintenance cycle.

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