Pretend Play

Kids love to use their imaginations to pretend they're pirates sailing on the high seas or chefs cooking up a delicious meal. Pretend play is a great way to encourage little ones to explore their imaginations, and Staples has everything you need for your classroom to make sure students can dress up and play to their heart's content. Let your children act out scenarios, explore different roles, and develop their problem-solving skills. With the right toys and accessories, you can create an engaging pretend play environment for your little students.

Encourage imagination

Pretend play and dress up sets are a great way to spark creativity in kids of all ages. From kitchens sets with chef hats to stethoscopes that come in doctor's kits, there are so many options available that it's easy to find something fun for any child. These pieces allow kids to create stories, act out roles and explore new ideas - all while having fun with their friends, classmates or siblings. Pretend play isn't just about entertainment - it also helps kids develop important skills like communication, problem-solving, empathy and more, making them the perfect supplies for preschool, kindergarten and beyond. Plus, with themed sets such as food trucks or tool boxes they can learn about different professions while playing too! So if you're looking for educational toys that will keep your little ones engaged for hours on end - pretend play can be the perfect choice.

Make learning fun

Dressing up isn't the only way that your kids can engage in pretend play. From trucks and tractors to airplanes and rocket ships, our range of toy vehicles come with various accessories for ultimate fun; plus, many options come with tracks and ramps so you can put those wheels to the test. With options like safari and farm animals, marine life and more, young learners can try out their hand at ventriloquism with our selection of stuffed animals and puppets while encouraging team-play. And we can't forget about dolls and dollhouses! From baby dolls and action figurines, we have all the pretend play toys for your students' to let their imagination run wild.