Pricing and Tagging Supplies

Pricing/Tagging Guns - Price Your Products

These pricing/tagging guns and accessories, such as labels, fasteners, and tags, let you price your items. With properly priced items, customers know how much items cost and are alerted when prices are reduced. Choose from well-known brands such as Avery and Garvey.

Tagging Guns

Tagging guns allow you to attach price tags to clothing, shoes, and accessories in a fast and effective way. Different tagging guns work with different fasteners, so choose the one that works with the fasteners you use. Choose from a different variety of colors and styles. These tagging guns are perfect for attaching tags to all fabrics, even delicate ones.


Fasteners work alone or with your tagging gun to attach price tags to clothes and clothing accessories, such as hats, scarves, and shoes. Fasteners such as circle loop tags and barlock ladder cable ties do not require tagging guns. Fasteners such as standard fasteners do require tagging guns. Choose from different sizes and styles.

Pricing Guns

Pricing guns allow you to print the price of your merchandise onto sticky labels. In one quick motion, you print and attach the price directly onto the product or a tag. With speeds up to 8 characters per line, these pricing guns are a fast and effective way to price your products.

Labels and Tags

Labels and tags are used to provide data such as price, size, sale, and security information. Choose from products like price gun labels, price tags, sale tags, gift tags, and security tags. With so many different types of labels and tags from which to choose, you have everything you need to properly price all your products before hanging them in your shop.