Quad Ruled Notebooks

Quad ruled notebooks combine the convenience and protection of bound and covered pages with precise grid marks on each sheet of paper. A variety of sizes and cover styles provide options for note taking and sketching in the classroom or office, on the road, or in the field.

Enjoy Writing Precision Using Quad Ruled Notebooks
Traditional lined paper is fine for writing text, but grid-marked pages simplify tasks such as creating charts and tables or drawing diagrams and maps. Evenly spaced vertical and horizontal lines divide each page into squares that are typically 0.25 inches in size. The horizontal lines in a quad-ruled notebook have the same spacing as narrow ruled paper, so written text is tidy. Vertical markings help align columns of figures, graphs, and drawings.

Write and Draw Almost Anywhere With Quad Ruled Notebooks
These products come in a variety of styles and sizes. Basic pads with tear-off sheets are an excellent option for scratch work in the office, while notebooks with durable cardboard or poly covers protect their contents from spills or inclement weather. Keep a small pad in a bag or pocket to capture ideas when inspiration strikes, or use a full-sized notebook to organize project or classroom notes. College-ruled notebooks with pen holders and built-in folders keep notes and writing materials together. A selection of cover colors and styles offer users plenty of customization options.

Some quad ruled Moleskine notebooks have additional features that handle specific needs. Multi-subject notebooks with dividers keep notes on different topics organized. Some lab books have color-coded duplicating pages that simplify record keeping. Select products have a QR Code® and icons on each page. Page-scanning software uses these markers to orient a captured digital image and control where it stores the data.

What Types of Bindings Do Quad Ruled Notebooks Have?
There are three main types of notebook bindings. Spiral pads have a looped length of metal or plastic that holds their pages in place. They lie flat when open, and most can fold back on themselves, saving desk space while writing. Spiral pads give users a choice of side- or top-bound products. Other notebooks have stitched or glued bindings that hold their pages in place. While they don't lie flat when open, they have a smooth exterior finish with a professional appearance. Some pads have perforated pages, so you can remove unneeded material or turn in class assignments. Notebooks with unperforated pages and stitched bindings are ideal for journals or long-term record-keeping.

How Big Are Quad Ruled Notebooks?
These pads come in several different sizes. Letter-sized notebooks have plenty of writing and drawing space, and some have pages that are pre-punched to fit three-ring binders. Smaller products range in size from compact 3.5 x 5.5 inch notebooks that can fit in a pocket to 6 x 9 inch steno pads. They're an ideal solution for on-the-go note-taking.

Quad ruled paper has precise grid marks that help keep notes, graphs, and diagrams neat and organized. These notebooks come in many sizes and have a variety of binding styles that handle a broad range of writing and drawing tasks. Find a quad-ruled notebook that matches your needs when you explore the selection of office supplies and accessories available at Staples®. If you're using your quad ruled notebook for graphing, don't forget to check out our selection of calculators, too.

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