Resin Bonded Abrasives

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Your work will look more professional with resin-bonded abrasives. You can smooth out splinters and hard edges for woodwork that is lovely to touch. Choose from durable abrasives to find the type that you need for your work.

Complete Professional Work
With sanding discs, making a project look complete is easier than ever. Resin-bonded abrasives can help you smooth out any piece.

A Variety of Brands
Charger Plus, Green Corps, and CGW are just a few of the brands you've come to enjoy. Find a variety of resin-bonded abrasives from them and others in this section.

Massive Selection
The right abrasive makes your project easier to complete. Find high-speed discs, coarse and medium discs, and more.

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Add to cart Norton Type 01 Gemini Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels, 3", 25/PK
Add to cart PFERD 4 1/2 in (OD) x 1/4 in (T) 27 Depressed Center AO Grinding Wheel, 30 (Medium)
Add to cart PFERD 14 in (OD) x 3/32 in (T) 1 A-SG AO Cut-Off Wheel, 36 (Medium), 1 in Arbor
Add to cart Gemini® Alumina Type 01 Flat Cut-Off Wheel, 4 1/2 in (OD), 0.045 in (T), 7/8 in Arbor
Add to cart CGW® 2 in (OD) x 3 in (T) 18R AO Resin Cone, 16 (Coarse), 5/8-11 Arbor
Add to cart CGW® 14 in (OD) x 7/64 in (T) 1 Straight AO Cut-Off Wheel, 36 (Medium), 1 in Arbor
Add to cart Quickie Cut™ 4 1/2 in (OD) x 0.045 in (T) 27 AO Cut-Off Wheel, 60 (Medium), 7/8 in Arbor
Add to cart CGW® 6 - 4 3/4 in (OD) x 2 in (T) 11 Flaring White AO Resin Cup Wheel, 24 (Coarse), 5/8-11 Arbor
Add to cart PFERD Die Grinder Mandrels, Arbor Diam 3/8 in
Add to cart Vortec Pro® Mounting Mandrel, 1/4 in Arbor