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Step Stools
A step stool makes home maintenance much easier by providing access to tall cabinets, light fixtures and other difficult-to-reach areas. Rubbermaid offers several styles that come in various heights and materials. You can find the right model for your home in Staples' wide selection.

Types of Molded Stools
Rubbermaid and other brands make several sizes and styles of molded stools. They usually have either one or two steps and are made of strong but lightweight plastic. Smaller single-step models are usually about 10 inches to 12 inches tall and a little over a foot wide. There are also larger single-step models that are around 15 inches high and over 18 inches wide. Most come in neutral colors such as beige, white or black, and have skid-resistant texturing on the steps and the feet for safety. These single-step designs are small enough to fit in an under-sink cabinet or below a pantry shelf.

There are also molded plastic stools that have two steps. They offer more height than single-step models, and some people prefer the extra step for ease of use. They are generally about 18 inches in height, depth and width. The lower step is about 9 inches above the ground. Most have textured material on the steps to prevent slipping, and some styles have built-in handholds on the sides for easy transport.

Benefits of Folding Step Stools
There are also step stools that offer more height than molded styles and fold for easy storage and portability. Most have steel frames with rubber grips on the feet and steps. They usually have two or three steps and an arched handle over the top for easy carrying. Some include a rubber hand grip on the handle for comfort and stability. Most two-step models have a top standing height around 19 inches, and three-step styles have a top height of about 27 inches. The carrying handle is usually about 20 inches to 25 inches above the top step. These step stools are extremely thin when folded, making them easy to store and carry. They're lightweight and small enough to fit in areas where using a ladder isn't possible.

Are Step Stools Better than Ladders?
Many people prefer step stools for indoor use to clean high shelves, reach light fixtures and access items stored in top cabinets. Ladders are generally more useful for outdoor tasks that require more height.

What Is the Weight Limit for a Step Stool?
Every model should have a clearly designated weight limit. Most molded or folding step stools can hold between 200 and 300 pounds.

What Are Safety Tips for Stools and Ladders?
It's always important to use step stools and ladders safely. Ensure rubber grips on the feet are stable and use it on a flat surface. Wear closed-toed shoes with textured soles. It's important to ensure folding models are fully open and locked before use. Don't reach too far forward or to the side, or you may compromise the balance. You may want to use a plastic step stool when working around electrical wiring to help reduce the risk of shock.
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