Samsung Fax Machines

Stock up on replacement Samsung fax machine toner cartridges to keep the office's fax machine ready to print incoming documents. Toners are for office machines that use laser printing technology. Manufacturers of fax machines and printers usually make cartridges that are compatible with different models in their lineups. Browse the large inventory of essential office supplies at Staples to find the right cartridges for your Samsung fax machine.

Picking the right Samsung fax machine toner cartridges
Shoppers can find replacement toners for their Samsung fax machines by searching by the part numbers of the cartridges. Check the spent cartridge or the machine itself to find this number. Use this information when searching a retailer's online inventory. Alternatively, you can also find the right toners by searching the inventory with the fax machine's model number. Staples has a helpful printer ink and toner finder tool for shoppers. With this facility, they can search available inventories by selecting their fax machine's brand, series, and model.

Key factors to consider when shopping for Samsung fax machine toners
Most brands offer both standard-yield and high-yield cartridges. Standard-yield ones can print up to 3,000 pages, while high-yield cartridges can deliver up to 10,000 pages before running out. While standard-yield toners are more affordable, high-yield units offer lower per-page printing costs. Home and office users that occasionally receive faxes only need standard-yield cartridges. Choose high-yield units for an office with heavy printing and faxing needs.

Color is another important feature to consider when buying these fax machine supplies. Models equipped with monochrome laser printers only require black toners. Color fax machines need yellow, cyan, and magenta toners in addition to black ones. To save cost, consider buying a full set containing all four colors when shopping for color toners.

Are compatible Samsung fax machine toners reliable?
Yes, if they're from reputable manufacturers. Compatible toners come from third-party brands. They're usually more affordable than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges from Samsung and offer comparable performances. A compatible toner cartridge is a new one. It has a design that matches the OEM cartridge made by Samsung. Therefore, it fits perfectly in the slot meant for it in the fax machine and is compatible with all models supported by the OEM cartridge.

What are remanufactured Samsung fax machine toner cartridges?
These are spent cartridge shells filled with fresh toner powder. Unlike compatible toners, remanufactured units reuse old Samsung fax machine cartridges. They're non-OEM fax machine and laser printer accessories from third-party brands. Remanufactured cartridges are more affordable than OEM ones and excellent choices for offices trying to reduce their carbon footprints.

Can you use a Samsung fax machine toner in a printer?
Samsung offers different lines of toners for its fax machines and laser printers. This means that users can't swap cartridges between these office machines. It's possible to use the same toners for faxing and printing only when using Samsung multifunction printers. In addition to printing and faxing documents, these office machines can also copy and scan them.