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Samsung printers have a host of features to offer enhanced options for the home, office, and business. From documents and letters to pictures and envelopes, there's a model that stands up to the most demanding print tasks. Staples® carries a wide selection of printers to meet the needs of any user. Choose an inkjet model to print colorful brochures or a laser one to print company correspondence.

The Right Samsung Printer for Any Environment
Laser, inkjet, and all-in-one are the main three types of Samsung printers. Laser models print fast and produce sharp text and fonts making them ideal for businesses or heavy-printing applications. Inkjet printers work well for color printing due to their ability to blend hues. These also require very little warm up time. All-in-one models go above and beyond basic printing. These printers also offer fax, copy, and scan functions to increase office efficiency. All-in-one printers are larger in size than single-use models, but they save space by eliminating the need for separate machines. This type is available with inkjet or laser technology.

Samsung Printers Keep Up With Home or Office Needs
Having a printer that can keep up with the demands of the home or office is vital to maintaining productivity. Monthly duty cycle and print speed are just two features to consider when choosing a new printer. The monthly duty cycle refers to the maximum number of pages it can safely print per month. Models designed for personal or low-volume use typically have a maximum of around 5,000 pages. Those made for office or business settings where the print volume is considerably higher, boast duty cycles of up to 200,000. Print speed also plays a role in efficiency, especially when sharing the machine in an office or business environment. Some Samsung models can print 40 or more pages per minute.

Samsung Printers Have Excellent Paper Handling Features
Samsung printers have different paper handling features depending on the exact model. Some have a standard input tray that can hold around 100 to 500 sheets of paper. Business printers hold up to 1,000 sheets and some have multiple trays for printing on different sizes of paper. When printing on thicker material such as envelopes, the printer should have a multi-purpose tray. Select models also offer duplexing to cut paper costs and save time. Automatic duplexing is available on some, while others require users to manually rotate and reload the paper.

What Type of Display Does a Samsung Printer Have?
The type of display on a printer depends on the exact model. Some feature basic buttons for power and print. Other models have displays that allow users to select various menu options while some even boast a full-color LCD screen for enhanced graphical capabilities.

What Does DPI Mean When it Comes to Samsung Printers?
DPI, or dots per inch, refers to the number of dots the Samsung printer can place on a square inch of paper. Some examples of dpi are 1200 x 1200 or 4800 x 1200, and the higher the number, the more detailed image the printer can produce.

What Are the Networking Capabilities of Samsung Printers?
Most printers have a USB port for connecting to a computer. Some models also have integrated wireless capabilities for printing from different computers sharing a network. You can also find ones that have software available for printing from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
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