Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators help you solve complex math problems. Designed for use by students, teachers, and engineers, these calculators feature additional functions beyond the addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of traditional models. From models that help with algebra equations to those that display graphs, Staples® carries a range of calculators for math, science, and engineering.

Scientific Calculators for Math and Science
Financial calculators for math and science let you enter and compute calculations for algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, physics, and trigonometry. These calculators perform a variety of functions required for solving complex equations, reducing the need for relying on paper and pencil. These devices handle binary, octal, and hexadecimal calculations along with pi, e, and other mathematical constants, ensuring they work for most middle school, high school, and college-level classes. Most models include 100 to 302 functions, giving users access to the operations required for traditional and advanced-placement courses.

Exploring the Features of Scientific Calculators
These calculators come with different features that help users perform specific tasks. Graphing calculators provide functions that let you create and display graphs on the screen. Some models include one line of 10 or more digits, which works well for solving simpler equations. Others accept and show up to four lines of 10 or more digits, providing ample space for in-depth calculations. Calculators include memory storage and recall functions that protect entered information until the user deletes it. Models with constant memory retain the last information listed even if the device turns off, ensuring users don't lose important calculations. A scientific calculator with Visually Perfect Algebraic Method technology displays the equations in the same way as textbooks, helping students visualize the information they enter for increased understanding.

What Power Options Are Available on Scientific Calculators?
Most calculators operate using battery power for reliable performance. Others include solar power as a backup source that helps prolong the life of the batteries. There are some solar-power only calculators, which eliminate the need for batteries as long as there is a bright light source available.

Do Any Scientific Calculators have Special Features?
A USB calculator includes a data cable and USB port that lets users upload information. Simply plug the USB cable into a computer or laptop and transfer the information entered into documents for grading and uploading. Some include functions that permit USB connections with other compatible devices for completing and comparing calculations. Models with data collection and replay functions let users analyze completed hypotheses and graphical creations.

Are Scientific Calculators Durable?
These calculators contain sensitive components that require careful handling for optimal performance. Most units include hard cases that protect them from drops and bumps. Slide-on cases also protect the buttons when carrying the calculators in backpacks and briefcases.

Can You Use Scientific Calculators on Tests?
Most classrooms provide detailed explanations of the types of technology students can use in the course. Most calculators with scientific functions are permitted for use on SAT, AP, PSAT, ACT and IB® exams for college. Check with the appropriate teachers and testing facilities for exact equipment specifications before use.