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Device setup and installation can be a challenging process, especially when it's the first time. The device can be a computer, printer, or tablet. Getting the pros to handle the installation and setup process saves time and gets your business up and running on time. It also helps in avoiding mistakes that can lead to damaging the equipment. This saves incurring extra expenses for repairs. Staples offers this and other tech services to ensure electronic devices run to their optimal capacity.

Why consider device setup services for new computer installation
The correct installation ensures full utilization of the innovative features of a computer. PC device setup services help with the transfer of data from old to new PCs to ensure data isn't lost. The services also involve the removal of unwanted software to free space for the installation of valuable software. The professionals help with the connection of the PC to a wireless network, ensuring connectivity to the internet. They also help with enabling of Windows updates and registration of the manufacturer's warranty. This lets operators track usage and receive safety warnings concerning the product.

Importance of tablet setup services
Tablet device setup experts help with configuration of two or more email accounts on one device, allowing the owner to receive notifications from multiple sources. They also help with power management so batteries don't drain fast. The aesthetics of a phone are essential. The experts help enhance smartphones with customization and configuration of wallpaper and pinning of widgets and apps to the home screen for fast access.

Printer device setup services to consider
Professionals teach on installation and alignment of printer cartridges. They help update printer drivers to improve convenience in printing, leading to high-quality production. They demonstrate how to use fax and scan features on the computer and printer, and assist in printing from an external memory device like USB drives. The professionals teach how to adjust the paper tray and test print the printer for satisfaction.

Why should you seek an expert's help for a wireless printer device setup?
Learning from the device setup experts equips you with basic knowledge on how to operate and maintain your device. These insights help you avoid wasting time with troubleshooting programs, when the device is probably working correctly. It also helps prevent unwanted damage, which can save you from unexpected repair costs. Consulting with an expert is worth your time and investment as they ensure your device runs smoothly.

How should you prepare for a device setup appointment?
Have the devices ready that you need setting up. For printers, you need the printer and the peripheral devices that you want the expert to connect with. You might incur extra charges for the cords and additional parts you may need. For tablet set up, you only need the device.

Is the setup same for all printers?
Printers vary in terms of driver requirements and orientation. The device setup experts know what and how to set up a printer after they establish the type of printer you own.
Premier PC Set-Up (In-Store)
In store only
Premier PC Set-Up (In-Store)
Item #389743
Model #389743
  • Transfer data from your old machine to new one
  • Create system restore media
4.5 out of 5 stars with 60 reviews
Free delivery
Printer Set Up (In-Store)
In store only
Printer Set Up (In-Store)
Item #655481
Model #655481
  • Demonstrate how to install and align print cartridges
  • Update to most current printer drivers
4.5 out of 5 stars with 119 reviews
Free delivery
Tablet Setup
In store only
Tablet Setup
Item #321239
Model #321239
  • Wallpaper configuration
  • Pin up to 7 widgets and apps to home screen
5 out of 5 stars with 14 reviews