Sharpie Markers

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With the right office supplies, every project is easier. Sharpies come in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes ideal for any office or school project. The permanent markers stand up to weather and water damage, making them a good choice for indoor or outdoor uses.

Unique Features of Sharpie Markers
Some Sharpies, like mini models, have a cap with a ring so that they can hang on key chains. Similar to other styles of pens, click-and-go models have no caps, but instead provide a retractable pen head with a clicker for convenient, one-handed use. Most have clips on the caps to make them easier to hang off a pocket or chart. Most models have alcohol-based inks, making them permanent, and some styles are specifically for use on fabric. They come in all colors of the rainbow, which makes them a good choice for classrooms or busy workplaces with color-coding needs. Different tip styles make each marker unique and specialized for different tasks.

Complete Any Project With Sharpies
Sharpies are permanent, so the ink doesn't bleed if it gets wet and doesn't come out of fabric. Sharpies for fabric design have a strong staying power and won't wash out during a normal wash cycle. Wear shoes with custom Sharpie designs in the rain without concern that the art might bleed.

Sharpies come in almost every color imaginable, making them useful for accentuating school projects, highlighting text or creating fabric-based artwork or other kinds of art or illustration. Use Sharpies on the tags of clothing to mark who they belong to, or write the address of someone you're mailing a letter to on the envelope to prevent the address from fading or washing away in the elements. These markers write on plastic, glass, fabric and other materials, too.

What's the Difference Between Water-Soluble and Alcohol-Based Markers?
Water-soluble markers wash out of clothing and bleed if water hits the ink. Alcohol-based markers react to alcohol, but water doesn't cause damage to drawings or writing. Alcohol-based markers have a long life and permanent ink. Alcohol-based markers also tend to streak less when you color in artwork, whereas water-soluble markers work well for a watercolor-style appearance. Both types of markers are usually nontoxic. Staples also carries a wide selection of other writing supplies, like pencils, colored pencils, and mechanical pencils.

What Sizes Do Sharpies Come In?
Sharpies come in multiple sizes including Magnum, extra fine, ultra fine, fine, twin tip, chisel tip, super, king size, and pen. Magnum sizes have the largest tip, making it easier to create signs with block text or to cover a large space with fewer strokes. Extra and ultra fine tips, on the other hand, have tiny pen heads, creating .03 millimeters or .05 millimeters lines. Fine Sharpies are the traditional version with a simple pointed marker tip. Twin tips have a fine and ultrafine or fine tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other. Chisel tips have a slanted tip for a sharp line. Super sizes have a thicker line than fine and the same tip shape. King sizes have a fat marker head, while pen Sharpies have a regular felt-tip pen tip that may or may not retract depending on the style. Mini pens are only around 3 to 4 inches long, whereas a traditional one has a 6 to 7-inch length. Check out other great office supplies and fill up any back to school supplies list with Staples.